Chapter 1707

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Chapter 1707: Chapter 1701, wisdom to the heavens

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The two figures, one big and one small, collided for the first time in midair. At the instant of the first collision, the spirit officer immediately discovered that the dao realm domain of Xu Shenghua was different from the others.

The thirty-six Heavenly Dao realm domain that the spirit officer used with the help of the Dao fruit was released externally and spread out. This was no different from the domain of other dao practitioners and gods. However, Xu Shenghua’s Dao realm domain was restrained and completely retracted!

He had never seen such a method of using it on Qin Mu.

From this point, it also showed that their cultivation systems were completely opposite. Xu Shenghua’s cultivation method was also very different from Qin Mu’s!

Releasing it meant that the range of the domain was wider. In a large-scale battle, when the domain was spread out, the existences that entered the domain would be affected. For example, when Emperor Tai’s supreme spiritual sense domain was released, it could cover an entire continent. Everyone was in his domain, and it was hard for them to struggle.

The thirty-three heavens domain of Xu Shenghua gathered together and was hidden in the body but not released. The cohesiveness was unbelievably strong!

He cut into the thirty-six Heavens Dao realm domain of ancient god Spirit official, and the formidable power hidden in his body made it very difficult for the thirty-six heavens domain to hurt him!

The instant the two of them collided, they immediately separated.

He could appreciate the beauty of the Divine Arts of Spirit official and the marvel of the paths, skills, and then decipher them.

When their feet landed, two loud booms could be heard. The two Black Mountains were pressed down by their feet, causing them to sink downwards. The mountains split open.

The cracked mountains were a passage for the prehistoric experts who were trying to sneak into this world through the world tree. The passage was originally dark, but now, there was a light that would guide them to sneak into this universe!

Xu Shenghua’s body trembled slightly. Suddenly, muffled sounds came from within his body. Over 1,600 moves, and he had been hit by 49 moves. At this moment, the power of these 49 moves could not be suppressed after he landed on the ground, and it exploded from within his body!

Xu Shenghua turned around.

“Xu Shenghua, you are indeed formidable!”

He activated his cultivation technique, and the wound quickly healed.

Ancient God Spirit officer snorted coldly. “You want to use seventh young master to attack my Dao Heart? This move is useless against me!”

Even though he had followed the master of Miluo Palace to seek the Dao and learned it for four universe eras, he wasn’t a young master after all. Even though Qin Mu had never met the master of Miluo Palace and had only gone to Miluo Palace once to copy a dao pattern, he had become the young master of Miluo Palace.

This was something he could never compare to.

Xu Shenghua was astonished in his heart. ‘Why did I hit his Dao Heart?’

He didn’t continue to speak. He rarely did things like hitting his dao heart. When he had fought Qin Mu for the first time, he had been hit hard and had walked side by side with him. In the end, he had been dragged until he vomited blood. Ever since then, his DAO Heart had become higher and higher. There were very few things that could shake his dao heart.

He also rarely tried to attack the enemy’s Dao Heart in battle. As long as he had enough strength, the enemy’s Dao Heart would crumble bit by bit during the battle, and there was no need to say anything more.

The two of them staggered and landed on top of a mountain.

Another two mountains split open.

Xu Shenghua grunted, and sixteen explosive sounds came from within his body. Sixteen wounds had exploded on his body.

On the other side, ancient god Spirit Officer also grunted, and nine muffled sounds came from within his body. His body exploded, and nine wounds appeared.

“A monster with incredible wisdom!”

Ancient God spirit officer calmed himself down. The dao fruit spun, and more chains surged out. His wounds could no longer heal themselves, and he had to rely on the dao chains in the Dao Fruit to forcefully wipe away the dao wounds in his wounds!

Xu Shenghua raised his hand to seal his wounds and said indifferently, “Let’s do it again. What do you think, fellow Daoist?”

Ancient God Spirit Officer’s body sank, and his body tensed up. He chuckled and said, “Then let’s do it again! This time, I won’t hold back!”

Xu Shenghua moved, one step at a time. His body flashed as he walked toward the dao sounds.

The two exchanged blows for the third time, and their speed was even faster.

Ancient God Spirit Officer landed on a mountain and spat out a mouthful of blood. He hurriedly covered his mouth, but blood still spurted out.

Forty-nine explosions came from his body, and forty-nine wounds exploded, making his injuries more and more serious!

Xu Shenghua staggered and landed on another mountain. A muffled sound came from within his body, and a trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Ancient God spirit officer forcefully suppressed his injuries. He suddenly turned around and said coldly, “You want to attack my dao heart again?”

Xu Shenghua frowned. “Fellow Daoist, is your dao heart really that weak? Can I destroy your dao heart with just a few words?”

Ancient God spirit officer stared at him. Xu Shenghua’s expression was still as calm as ever, and his eyes were still warm with a hint of seriousness.

However, there was absolutely no hint of mockery in this expression!

However, the more this was the case, the greater the sense of defeat in ancient god Spirit Officer’s heart.

Xu Shenghua said seriously, “If you don’t know which Divine Arts can hurt me, I can tell you.”

Hall master spirit officer laughed loudly and said sternly, “You will tell me?”

The expression on the spirit official palace Lord’s face froze.

There was such a person in this world?

His face was gloomy. “When I complete the challenge, they will often die.”

Ancient God spirit officer laughed loudly and loudly, but his voice was trembling. “Xu Shenghua, you are indeed powerful, and you are still disturbing my dao heart! My Dao Heart is not so weak that it will not be affected by you! Since you are so arrogant, I will also give you a blow!”

His sleeves flapped, and he said proudly, “My other clone has arrived!”

Xu Shenghua turned around and saw another ancient God walking over. The two ancient gods actually looked exactly the same, except that this new ancient God had a dao flower with him.

“Do you want to stall for time and wait for the seventh young master to come and save you?”

The spirit officer ancient god sneered. “The seventh young master has indeed come, but he is already at the end of his rope! “His magic power has almost been used up, and his corporeal body is also incomparably tired. As for me, I Still Have Another clone, my treasure hall, and my Dao Fruit!”

“You will die without a doubt before he kills my other clone!”The other spirit official ancient god said solemnly

In the sky above the ancestral court, light suddenly burst forth, and the sky became incomparably bright. A figure broke through the world barrier of the ancestral court and rushed toward the world tree with blazing flames.

When the flames on that person’s body disappeared, Qin Mu took huge strides and sprinted toward the world tree!

Suddenly, a hall was in front of him, and there was a dao fruit floating in it. Under the Dao Fruit, an ancient god of spirit officials was sitting upright. He slowly raised his head and asked, “Seventh young master, you don’t have much strength left, right?”

Qin Mu didn’t say a word and charged into the hall.

The Great Dao of the Hall of spirit officials flew up, and the charm of the Dao of light burst forth and surged into the hall!

This hall was formed from the Great Dao of spirit officials, and with the addition of spirit official’s clone and his dao fruit, Hall Master of spirit officials had enough confidence to keep Qin Mu, the seventh young master of Miluo Palace, in this battle!

An incomparably dull sound came from the hall, and terrifying storm of dao light spewed out. After a moment, the surging blood in the hall surged out like a tidal wave!

The hall was pierced through by a terrifying force. Qin Mu’s hands were covered in blood, and in his right hand was a tattered dao fruit. He dragged his heavy feet and limped towards the world tree.

Behind him, the Hall of spirit officials suddenly collapsed and shattered.

Qin Mu clenched his right hand tightly, and the dao fruit in his hand was also crushed by him!

He was like a fierce God.

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