2215 Chapter 2215 snow and hot pot go well together

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Making hot pot was very simple. It was mainly about cutting meat and washing vegetables. Cang Lan and the others could do it directly.

And there was also the soup base.

Gu Yan turned around directly and went upstairs. After returning to his room, he turned on the radio and listened to the piano music inside.

Outside the window, it was snowing.

Downstairs, it was also lively.

Gu Yan listened to the soothing music and lamented, “It’s been another year.”.

She gently touched her belly and said gently, “Baby, soon, Mommy will take you home. Back to our real home.”

When Miao Xiaoyu came back, she was shocked to see the lively living room.

Then, she saw Lucifer sitting on the sofa and watching the news. “Boss, you’re here?”

“Yes, I’m here to freeload.”Lucifer said this naturally.

Miao Xiaoyu smiled and said, “Of course, it’s snowing heavily today. It’s the best time to eat Hotpot.”

When Angel and Luo Cheng walked to the door, they bumped into Miao Xiaoyu and followed her in.

During this period of time, they had been separated from Lucifer and didn’t meet the legendary leader of Yin.

However, the moment they heard Miao Xiaoyu call him boss, Angel and Los Angeles understood that this very handsome man who was sitting on the sofa watching the news with a gentle expression was Yin’s boss!

Angel’s eyes lit up, “It’s You? ! Mr. Duke!”

Lucifer smiled, “Princess Pablo Jose Francisco de Paula Crispiano de Rossandisma Maria Parisio.”

Angel covered her face and said, “There are actually people who can remember my long name. But my Lord, Please Call Me Angel. I beg you!”

After saying this, she carefully turned her head to look at Los Angeles.

Los Angeles was very quiet.

She didn’t know how to express her complicated feelings.

Lucifer knew about Angel and Los Angeles long ago, so he didn’t say anything and just smiled gently.

He turned his head and continued to watch the news.

Meanwhile, Miao Xiaoyu also went to the kitchen to see if there was anything good to eat tonight.

Angel and Los Angeles planned to stay in the small living room upstairs. After all, Lucifer’s aura was too strong, so the two of them realized that they didn’t want to watch the news with him!

When they were walking on the stairs, Angel asked in a low voice, “Luo, what’s Wrong?”

Originally, La Cheng was quite afraid of that Lucifer, but now..

He looked at Angel with a complicated expression. “I haven’t memorized your name…”

Angel was dumbfounded. In the end, she gritted her teeth and said, “No! You Don’t have to memorize anyone else’s name. You have to remember it!”

La Cheng touched her face and suddenly smiled, “Okay, teach me tonight.”

Gu Yan heard the commotion downstairs and knew that Angel must have come. She was a little worried about the meeting between La Cheng and Lucifer, mainly because she was worried that the identity of La Cheng would arouse the suspicion of Lucifer.

She coughed and said to the two people who were walking on the stairs, “If my baby flirts with kids at the slightest disagreement in the future, it will definitely be the fault of the two of you.”

Angel was not angry at all. She generously let go of Los Angeles and asked Gu Yan curiously, “Hey, Lu Yan, is Lucifer Really Your Boss?”