2218 Chapter 2218: The Magical Feeling

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“I’m sick. It’s not suitable for me to eat with everyone. I’m worried that I’ll infect everyone,”Lucifer said gently.

It had to be said that there was nothing wrong with what he said.

If everyone ate hotpot in the same pot, then no one would want to bear the consequences of being infected.

Angel was also a very smart person. She knew that there was a hidden meaning in Lucifer’s words, but she also knew what it meant to stop at the last minute.

She did not want to challenge the Duke’s patience at all.

The rest of the meal was very harmonious. In the end, Angel and Los Angeles were very calm when they saw that they had thrown away all the pots and chopsticks that Lucifer had used.

After the two of them finished their meal, they immediately took their leave.

Lucifer would naturally leave as well. However, before that, he asked David for the car keys of another car and asked David to clean up his car tomorrow.

But he was used to not saying anything and nodded.

Lucifer went out. He took a black umbrella and opened it.

The snow was still falling, but the umbrella isolated the beautiful but cold snow.

It was still very cold.

But Lucifer felt that it was not that cold.

He turned around and saw the light leaking out from a room on the second floor. The corners of his mouth curled up.

Lucifer knew that if it was not because of his special physique, he would never be willing to be just an older brother.

When he was young, even if he used all his means, he still had to get that person.

Maybe he was old now.

Or maybe… he did not dare to love like that anymore.

Just like that, Christmas arrived.

During this time, the Black Angel didn’t come to assassinate Gu Yan anymore. It was probably because of what happened before that Pandora was overwhelmed.

Or maybe she was planning something else.

Maybe it was something very important to Pandora.

Los Angeles had already left Planet M. Although he was really on vacation and he really liked Angel, he wouldn’t delay his work because of a love affair.

As for Angel, she was still staying with Gu Yan. After Gu Yan found out that Lucifer had asked Miao Xiaoyu not to hypnotize angel, he did not mind her moving in directly.

This woman was still restless. However, there was one thing. After Los Angeles left, although Angel went out during the day, she would always come back for the night.

At that time, Gu Yan asked in a half-serious and half-casual manner, “You seem to care about Los Angeles?”

“Yes, he’s different from all the boyfriends I’ve had, and he’s also very interesting.”Angel sat there with one hand on her chin, watching Gu Yan tidying up the child’s clothes. She suddenly said, “You love the child’s father very much.”

Gu Yan’s hand paused.

She turned around and asked, “Why do you say that?”

“Because you love this child very much.”Angel asked curiously, “Why do women like children? I don’t like children. I’ve always thought that two people together is the most important.”

“Everyone has different thoughts, right?”Gu Yan didn’t want to explain too much.

But she also knew that because the person was ye, and this was the crystallization of her love for Ye, she loved this child even more.

This was the reason why Gu Yan had previously planned to give birth to this child.

But as the number of fetal movements increased, even though the child was still very young, Gu Yan already had a very strange feeling. That was, every time she experienced something, the child would also have feelings, and it would interact with her.

It was a very magical feeling.

Gu Yan did not know if it was because of the little jade pendant, but in short, she loved this child more and more now.

Angel’s thoughts were jumping. She was not interested in knowing who Lu Yan’s child’s father was. She suddenly thought, if she had a child with Los Angeles, what kind of child would she be?