2222 Chapter 2222 be good and be obedient

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Guan Yu Jue’s assistant quickly explained the situation and Guan Lan on the other end of the phone panicked.

She said, “He’s fine, how could something like this happen all of a sudden! ?”

“Boss’s friend has already helped him deal with those matters. The most important thing now is to think of a way to wake boss up as soon as possible. The Doctor said that Boss had suffered a brain injury before, so he wants to know how he was treated last time.”

Guan Lan, who was holding the phone, was stunned.

The next moment, she said, “Send me the address immediately. I’ll go over now. Over the phone… I can’t explain it clearly.”

After hanging up the phone, Guan Lan asked her secretary to book a boat ticket and told Tan Jiang about it overnight.

After saying that, Guan Lan was very depressed. “Were we wrong back then? We shouldn’t have hidden it from Ah Jue.”

She had originally thought that Ah Jue would live a happy life after forgetting Gu Yan.

But in the end, he did not.

Tan Jiang said with concern, “Don’t be anxious. Let’s go to planet m first to check on brother Jue’s situation before making a decision. I’ll go with you. I’ll arrange for someone to do the work here.”

“That’s all we can do for now.”

Guan Lan and Tan Jiang rushed to planet m overnight. At the same time, they had to go through some procedures and other issues. However, these things could be done through special channels.

However, because the distance between the two places was really far, it would take them a day to see Guan Yujue.

David, who was in the hospital, received a call from Gu Yan.

It was already past one o’clock in the morning. David asked in surprise, “You’re still awake?”

“Yes, how is Guan Yujue?”

“He’s unconscious. The doctors are helpless,”David said with a sigh.

Gu Yan paused for a moment. She remembered that Guan Yujue had done the same thing to save her mother, Xie Luan.

Gu Yan felt a little upset.

She changed the topic and asked, “How is Miao Xiaoyu Now? was Guan Yujue’s incident an accident or was it man-made?”

“Man-made. It’s said that the murderer was sent by another popular candidate for best actor this time. Lilith is hypnotizing that person.”

After letting Miao Xiaoyu hypnotize that person, he would know if that person was telling the truth.

However, Gu Yan thought that although Guan Yujue was a businessman and an actor on the surface, in reality, he was still a hidden core member.

Being able to become a core member, he should not be so easily tricked by the opponent.

Therefore, Lucifer probably also suspected that this matter was not as simple as the opponent taking revenge.

Just as Gu Yan was thinking about it, the person on the other end of the phone had already changed. Lucifer’s gentle voice sounded, “Xiao Yan, why aren’t you sleeping?”

“I’m a little worried about them,”Gu Yan said honestly.

Lucifer said softly, “You should go to sleep. This matter won’t be resolved in a short time. If you are worried, come back tomorrow. I will send you the address first thing in the morning.”He paused and added, “Be good, be good.”

“Okay then, I will go and rest.”

After the call ended, Gu Yan didn’t feel sleepy at all. She sighed and wondered why Guan Yujue was so unlucky.

“I hope you are okay.”

After that, Gu Yan fell asleep in a daze.

After she was pregnant, her stomach was too big and she couldn’t sleep well. No matter what position she used, she felt uncomfortable.

However, Gu Yan did not have this problem.

She was addicted to sleep, but the quality of her sleep had always been very high. Perhaps the baby in her stomach was very obedient and she felt very sorry for her.

However, before dawn in the morning, Gu Yan was woken up by a sound.