2223 There was nothing wrong with chapter 2223

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The voice was very soft, as if it was a gentle breeze blowing on one’s face.

In other words, the window that was originally closed might have been opened.

Gu Yan had always been bold. In addition to the few times that Ah Ye had come, it was also quite unexpected. Not to mention, the Black Angel had also come a few times.

Gu Yan had long been used to people coming to visit in the middle of the night out of the blue.

If they were enemies, he would fight them.

If they were friends, he would stay until dawn.

Gu Yan skillfully took out the gun under his pillow. Then, he heard a gentle voice, “Xiao Yan, your alertness is getting better and better.”

Gu Yan immediately threw the gun back to its original position. She asked happily, “Boss Liu, why are you here?”

“No, I didn’t come to Planet M. I’m just in your dream now.”Liu Xingyun still had silver hair. He wore an ironed tang suit. He seemed to like Tang suits a lot.

Previously, Gu Yan had asked him out of curiosity why he always liked to wear tang suits. At that time, Liu Xingyun’s answer was very innocent. That was, it was inconvenient for him to walk around in Han suits.

Gu Yan was silent for a moment before nodding.

There was nothing wrong with that.

Gu Yan got up, put on her coat, and walked down. There was a sofa in her room. Although it was in her dream, she still poured a cup of hot water for Liu Xingyun and herself on the coffee table.

The two of them sat opposite each other.

Gu Yan asked calmly, “Boss Liu, am I going to meet with some trouble again?”

“No, I’m just here to chat with you. Your Mind has been too unsettled recently.”

Liu Xingyun picked up the cup of water. He didn’t know how he did it, but the next moment, the water turned into a cup of green tea with a faint fragrance of tea.

“Can you help me turn into hot milk too?”

Sure enough, the next moment, the water in Gu Yan’s cup turned into hot milk.

Gu Yan took a sip and said with emotion, “Boss Liu, who are you? You are really amazing. In My Eyes, you are omnipotent.”

“It’s not too bad. Many of the spells have been sealed.”

Gu Yan was stunned. “Spells?”

Liu Xingyun smiled and said, “Shh, the secrets of Heaven must not be revealed.”

“Alright then. Tell Me, why did you come to me this time?”

“Xiao Yan, you’re really smart. I came here for something very important.”Liu Xingyun looked at Gu Yan gently. “Do you remember what I told you about Lu Ye’s life-and-death catastrophe?”

Gu Yan’s hand that was holding the cup suddenly stopped.

She looked up at Liu Xingyun in shock.

Liu Xingyun was still as calm as ever. When he saw how worried Gu Yan was about Lu Ye, he shook his head helplessly and dotingly, “Xiao Yan, Lu Ye’s position in your heart is actually so important. But you don’t have to worry. Since I’m here, I’m here to help you think of a solution.”

Hearing that there was a solution, Gu Yan’s expression softened. She nodded and said, “I Love Ye.”

“Guan Yujue is not bad and Lucifer is even better. They are not worse than Lu Ye. In fact, they are even better than Lu Ye.”

Gu Yan smiled, “Good or bad, there are too many criteria, but I only have one heart.”. “Of course, I don’t deny that these two people are good, but they are not suitable for me.”. “After all, the only person who has ever been deeply attached to me in two lifetimes has always been Ah Ye.”

“But in your previous life, you haven’t met Guan Yujue and Lucifer.”