2224 Chapter 2224, Little Luan, Goodbye

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“Even if I met them in my previous life, they wouldn’t like the Me at that time.”Gu Yan smiled.

Liu Xingyun looked at Gu Yan’s eyes. There was a bright light in them. His Little Luan knew exactly what she wanted at all times.

And once she determined her goal, she would not change her mind until death.

However, at that time, Little Luan had yet to experience love. At that time, Liu Xingyun had asked her about it. The calamity of love was difficult, and the calamity of life and death was even more difficult.

At that time, she had proudly said that no matter what kind of calamity it was, as long as it dared to come, she would dare to go through it!

Although it was a different appearance, that confident and burning gaze of hers overlapped with the current one.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and caressed Gu Yan’s hair as he said softly, “Xiao Yan, don’t worry too much about Guan Yujue’s matter for now. With your current ability, you can’t help him. At most, you can help him take revenge. However, someone will naturally help him take revenge.”

Liu Xingyun continued, “You must remain calm about Lu Ye’s matter. There’s no other way out.”

Gu Yan suddenly raised her head.

Liu Xingyun’s lips curled into a gentle smile. He said softly, “Xiao Yan, you will definitely be able to successfully overcome all the bad luck and regain true Nirvana.”

Gu Yan nodded. She was very grateful to Liu Xingyun. Although Liu Xingyun did not say anything, Gu Yan always felt that they should have some kind of bond in their previous life, or a long, long time ago.

Gu Yan suddenly realized that Liu Xingyun’s figure seemed to have faded a little. She suddenly raised her head. “Boss Liu, you…”

“I was the one who dragged you guys down back then. It’s my duty to help you. Xiao Yan, you might have to walk the rest of the way on your own.”

“Boss Liu, where are you going! ?”Gu Yan stood up nervously, but she was surprised to find that Liu Xingyun’s figure in her dream had become illusory. Her hand had actually penetrated his body!

Liu Xingyun still looked at Gu Yan very gently, “Don’t worry too much about me, Xiao Yan. I’m going to go through my tribulation. However, I’ve left a blessing for your future baby. They will definitely grow up healthily and happily.”

Gu Yan suddenly felt that her eyes were very sore. She had not cried for a very, very long time.

Crystal clear tears slid down her cheeks gently and fell into her mouth, slightly astringent.

“Boss Liu, you’re only leaving temporarily, right? You’ll definitely reappear one day, right?”

“If I succeed in transcending the tribulation, perhaps I’ll reappear, or perhaps I’ll vanish into the dust from now on. But Xiao Yan, don’t be sad. The end of anything is the beginning.”

Gu Yan gritted his teeth and said stubbornly, “Boss Liu, can you stop saying such things that are hanging in the balance? I Won’t Let You Go! You haven’t seen my child being born with your own eyes! You said that the child will be protected by the little jade pendant. How can you leave just like that? !”

“With the protection of the little jade pendant, I can be at ease.”

Liu Xingyun’s figure gradually faded. The gentleness at the corner of his mouth turned into a thick sense of concern.

“Little Luan, you can do it.”

“Little Luan, Goodbye.”

Why did Liu Xingyun call her little luan? But from the way he looked, it didn’t seem like he had called her the wrong name!

Gu Yan stretched out his hand and wanted to grab Liu Xingyun, but his figure eventually turned into specks of starlight and disappeared from the world.

“Liu Xingyun!”Gu Yan suddenly woke up and sat up.