2225 Chapter 2225 all sufferings will end

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Gu Yan realized that she was still lying on the bed. The sky outside the window had just brightened because of the snow. The light shone through the window and into the room.

She touched her face.

There were tears streaking across it.

Gu Yan actually never knew why Liu Xingyun had helped her so much. And now, he was still unwilling to tell her the truth.

He said that he was the one who had implicated the two of you. Gu Yan was sure that he was one of them.

She boldly speculated that the person Liu Xingyun knew before was called Xiao Luan.

Gu Yan’s mother’s name was Xie Luan.

Therefore, when Xie Luan, who was pregnant, walked into that antique shop, Liu Xingyun sold the little jade pendant to Xie Luan.

Gu Yan’s previous life had been very miserable. The small jade pendant had not been activated, so it had remained silent.

However, by accident, the small jade pendant did not leave Gu Yan. Instead, it followed her into prison.

Later on, Gu Yan was killed by Bai Weiyang. The small jade pendant flashed, giving Gu Yan a chance to be reborn.

Life began to shuffle again.

Gu Yan opened his eyes slightly, but there was still a deep sadness in his eyes.

If Liu Xingyun was really like what he said, going to overcome his tribulation.

Then Gu Yan prayed sincerely that he would succeed!

He would definitely return successfully!

And one day, he would appear in front of her again, speaking calmly and gently like a fraud.

Finally, Gu Yan stood up and walked to the window. She pulled the curtains open and the sunlight rushed in.

Gu Yan muttered to herself, “Liu Xingyun, I’ll wait for you to come back.”

Liu Xingyun’s departure, Guan Yujue’s coma, Lu Ye’s impending death, and Gu Yan’s impending birth.

All these things combined made Gu Yan feel very calm.

However, she remembered what Liu Xingyun had said. All the sufferings would come to an end. Therefore, she must not fall into confusion now.

After daybreak, Gu Yan tidied up. After breakfast, she went to the hospital with Cang Lan.

Although she no longer had the ability to visit Guan Yujue, she still wanted to visit him first.

Back then, Liu Xingyun had thought of a way to let her enter Guan Yujue’s inner world. The pure and Sunny Ah Jue and the tolerant brother Jue had made Gu Yan very worried about this person.

In terms of love, Gu Yan was indeed unable to respond to Guan Yujue.

However, in terms of emotions, this person didn’t do anything wrong. Moreover, they were all members of the Yin family and were partners.

Seeing that Gu Yan had come, Lucifer was stunned. Then, he immediately walked over and looked at Gu Yan with a big belly. “Xiao Yan, with your current condition, is it convenient for you to go out?”

“It’s okay. Moreover, the month is getting older. I should go out. How is Guan Yujue?”

Lucifer still shook his head.

Yesterday, he was at the banquet. After hearing the news, he immediately left the banquet.

It was just a social banquet, so it wasn’t difficult for Lucifer to find an excuse to leave.

He immediately asked Mephistopheles to capture the person, then he comforted Lilith and contacted Guan Yujue’s family.

Lucifer said to Gu Yan, “Now that the person is captured, Lilith is hypnotizing him. The results should be out soon.”

Gu Yan followed Lucifer to see Guan Yujue. He was such an outstanding and powerful man, but now he was lying on the bed quietly.

Looking at his closed eyes, Gu Yan sighed.

Guan Yujue had been through a lot.

At this moment, Lucifer’s phone rang. It was Miao Xiaoyu’s hypnosis.

Lucifer said to Gu Yan, “Shall we go over and Listen?”