2226 Chapter 2226

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Gu Yan and Lucifer went to a room next door to the hospital. The room was different from the rest of the room. There was another small room inside.

The room should have been used for a special inspection. There was a glass window outside so they could see everything inside clearly.

Similarly, they could control the microphone and hear everything inside clearly.

However, the people inside could not hear or see the people outside.

When Miao Xiaoyu came out, she was not in a good condition. It was obvious that she had not slept the whole night. Her eyes were a little dark, but her eyes were filled with anger.

“Initially, it was indeed the opponents who wanted to set brother Jue up, but they were used. Then, they attacked together.”Miao Xiaoyu was not a simple girl. The lives that she had taken.., she couldn’t count them anymore.

She gritted her teeth and said, “It’s the people of the Black Angel! Moreover, one of them can hypnotize!”

Gu Yan’s heart skipped a beat.

The matter of Guan Yujue’s two personalities merging had caused him to be in a bad state. Therefore, he went to find some psychologists to help him.

Lucifer had obviously thought of this as well. He looked up at Miao Xiaoyu and asked, “Is it your teacher?”

Miao Xiaoyu’s eyes turned red and she said excitedly, “No, how could it be my teacher? After all, it was my teacher who helped brother Jue merge his two personalities into one!”

“Go and investigate and we will know who it is.”Lucifer said to Gu Yan, “Take Lilith back first. You Don’t need to do the rest.”

Gu Yan believed that Lucifer had already started to do something after the Black Angel’s provocations. This time, he had completely stepped on Lucifer’s bottom line.

This was because Lucifer was the most protective person.

Although Gu Yan also wanted to participate in the operation against the Black Angel, this should be the best opportunity to get in touch with the heavenly eye.

However, Gu Yan knew that in his current situation, it wasn’t suitable for him to force his way in.

Lucifer nodded. He trusted Gu Yan very much because Gu Yan would always be very calm and rational at any time.

After Lucifer left, Miao Xiaoyu said angrily, “No, I’m not going back!”

“Xiaoyu, investigate the truth of this matter and take care of the Black Angel. Let boss and the others do it. You need to go back with me and rest first. Then, you need to recover your energy and come to the hospital to accompany Guan Yujue.”

Miao Xiaoyu was stunned.

Gu Yan said patiently, “You need to calm yourself down. Now, you need to be responsible for protecting Guan Yujue. When he wakes up, you will be the first person he sees. “We only have two women in total. Do you think that I am suitable to take care of Guan Yujue in my current state?”

Miao Xiaoyu calmed down.

She lowered her head slightly. “Actually, I’d rather take revenge for Brother Jue Myself!”

“Revenge is important, but protection is more important.”

”… Yes, Gu Yan, I’ll listen to You!”

The corners of Gu Yan’s mouth curled up slightly as she said, “Come home with me first. Have a good sleep and rest up. I’ll explain the details of the nursing care to you.”

“Do you understand?”Miao Xiaoyu regretted after asking this question. Only then did she remember that when she first met Gu Yan, Gu Yan was a doctor in the hospital.

Perhaps Gu Yan was too good at everything. Miao Xiaoyu had forgotten the fact that she used to be a doctor in a small place.

Miao Xiaoyu took another look at Guan Yujue before she followed Gu Yan back obediently.

Gu Yan asked Cang Lan to guard Guan Yujue in the hospital. He would ask Miao Xiaoyu to replace him the next morning.