2227 Chapter 2227 was the scene where the horse fell

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As for David, he had already left with Lucifer.

Gu Yan thought that if the person who did this to Guan Yujue was really Miao Xiaoyu’s teacher, then that person would be in deep trouble.

However, Gu Yan was also curious. Miao Xiaoyu’s teacher knew Guan Yujue’s identity and knew how powerful he was, but he still took the risk. This meant that the black angel must have given him a huge benefit.

The Black Angel, the Black Angel.

A cold glint flashed across Gu Yan’s eyes.

‘you won’t be able to fly for long.’.

Gu Yan brought Miao Xiaoyu back home. Miao Xiaoyu obediently went to sleep while Gu Yan prepared some things for her to use as nursing care.

In addition, she also made a list of daily necessities that Guan Yujue needed. She also asked someone to go and purchase all the things.

The next morning, Miao Xiaoyu brought a bunch of things and prepared to go to the hospital.

Gu Yan said, “There are a lot of things here. Guan Yujue’s assistant may have prepared some, but it’s better to have more than less. It’s better to be prepared.”

“Okay, Gu Yan, are you coming with me?”

“I’m not going. I’m not feeling well.”

Miao Xiaoyu looked at Gu Yan’s big belly and nodded. “Gu Yan, you’re about to give birth, right?”

“Then rest well at home and be careful. I’ll go to the hospital to bring Cang Lan back.”

Gu Yan watched Miao Xiaoyu leave. She lowered her eyes slightly. Guan Yujue’s family had arrived in the middle of the night yesterday. Gu Yan did not want to see Guan Lan at this critical moment.

Guan Yujue almost did not wake up from the incident that year when he was injured trying to save Xie Luan. This incident made Guan Lan very resentful towards Xie Luan and Gu Yan.

Meanwhile, Gu Yan borrowed Liu Xingyun’s power to wake Guan Yujue up. Besides Gu Yan and Liu Xingyun, no one else knew about this incident.

In other words, the current Guan Lan should still be resentful towards Gu Yan.

It was indeed not a good time for them to meet now.

After Gu Yan finished his breakfast, he saw Cang Lan enter with a head full of snow. He shook off the snow on his body and asked, “Is there any more breakfast?”

“Yes, it’s still warm. It’s in the kitchen.”

Cang Lan changed into his shoes and went into the kitchen. He scooped a big bowl of porridge and ate a warm bun.

Gu Yan asked, “Guan Yujue’s family is here?”

“Yes, two people are here. One of them is his aunt, Guan Lan. Her emotions are a little unstable. Lilith was the one who hypnotized her to calm her down first.”

Gu Yan leaned against the sofa and watched the parenting program on the television. “OH.”

Cang Lan finished eating and washed the dishes he had used before. After putting them away, he walked to the living room.

He suddenly said, “However, when Guan Lan was very excited, he suddenly said, ‘it’s all Gu Yan’s fault.’”

Cang Lan raised his head and asked seriously, “It’s not the same name, right?”

“What are you trying to say?”

”… Gu Yan, not only Guan Yujue, but also us. Have we met before?”

This question had been stuck in Cang Lan’s mind for a long time.

The longer he spent with Gu Yan, the more familiar the feeling became.

Cang Lan had a dull personality. He would not easily ask about certain things. In fact, he was usually very quiet.

But at this moment, when Guan Lan called out Gu Yan’s name, Cang Lan suddenly felt as if he had caught hold of a very important clue!