2228 Chapter 2228 definitely had the same name

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After going through so many things, Gu Yan, who was an undercover agent, had been able to handle the crisis calmly.

She raised her head, her eyes filled with curiosity. “Is the answer important?”

She did not admit or deny it.

Gu Yan knew that if she continued to deny it, Cang Lan might be pushed to the edge. This man loved to do things quietly.

However, Gu Yan could not directly admit that her current mission had not been successful. If it was exposed now, she had no choice but to make Cang Lan speechless.

Tsk, Gu Yan did not want to do such a bloody and heartless thing.

Cang Lan looked very confused. Then, he thought about it seriously.

Was it important who Gu Yan was before he joined Yin?

If he had met Gu Yan when he was at the Black Angel, and Gu Yan happened to be the enemy of the Black Angel..

What did that have to do with him now?

Not to mention, although Cang Lan was in Yin, he did not have deep feelings for the space pirate organization.

Therefore, the answer was really not important.

A few minutes later, Cang Lan figured out the crux of the matter. However, he reminded Guan yujue kindly, “Guan Yujue’s aunt is unstable. I suggest that you don’t go to the hospital for now.”

Gu Yan was pregnant right now, regardless of whether he had the same name or not. If he was hit by the accident, something might happen to him.

Gu Yan nodded indifferently.

Cang Lan returned to his room to catch up on his sleep after eating and drinking his fill.

Seeing that he had finally left, Gu Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

He had almost lost his vest!

During the incident on Planet B, Gu Yan had fought Cang Lan, whose name was still called Shadow at that time. However, that time, the person who had mainly fought Cang Lan was Guo Rou. Later on, it was Guo Rou who had held Cang Lan back, that was how Gu Yan had managed to get to the roof.

Fortunately, Gu Yan had put on a disguise at that time. Moreover, she had not fought with Cang Lan for long.

However, Gu Yan knew that Cang Lan would not continue to dwell on this matter. The main reason was that he was no longer in the Black Angel.

He had an impression of himself. Then, it must have been someone cang LAN had met while he was in the Black Angel.

It was either a friend or an enemy.

Because Cang Lan had completely cut himself off from the past, then what was the point of knowing those people in the past.

It had to be said that the current Cang Lan was becoming more and more Buddhist.

Gu Yan once saw that there was still a photo of Shen Xiyan in his room.

The only woman Cang Lan loved in his life.

But it was also the woman he had killed with his own hands.

Gu Yan sighed. Everyone was full of stories.

In the next few days, Gu Yan naturally would not go to the hospital. She did not want to run into Guan Lan and cause any more trouble.

Miao Xiaoyu went back and forth. She had lost a lot of weight, but Gu Yan did not say much.

There was nothing wrong with liking someone.

No one could stop Miao Xiaoyu from treating Guan yujue well.

On the other hand, when Miao Xiaoyu came back once, she said, “Hey, Gu Yan, isn’t your name quite common? That day, Brother Jue’s aunt said that brother Jue was hurt by someone called Gu Yan.”

Gu Yan asked very calmly, “Oh? Is that true?”

“Yes, but I thought about it. Your personality is definitely not suitable for brother Jue. You Won’t be together with Brother Jue at all. Moreover, Brother Jue doesn’t know you. “Also, according to Aunt Guan, you were still studying at that time. “So, you must have the same name.”