2229 Chapter 2229, Treasure Trove

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Gu Yan nodded. “Yes, they share the same name.”

Although Miao Xiaoyu was busy taking care of Guan Yujue, Guan Yujue still did not wake up.

Guan Lan also stayed behind and let Tan Jiang go back to deal with the business in Fragrance City.

Guan Lan had a good impression of Miao Xiaoyu. Miao Xiaoyu said that she was Guan Yujue’s colleague, but Guan Lan knew that this clever girl was probably interested in Ah Jue.

In fact, it was normal for their Ah Jue to be liked by a young lady, but why did he have so many disasters.

Lucifer, who had disappeared for a few days, reappeared with a body full of cold air. He took care of the snow on his body and changed his shoes very seriously at the door. Because there was still cold air on his body, when he walked in.., he didn’t go near Gu Yan who was sitting on the sofa for two.

Instead, he chose the furthest seat from Gu Yan.

“Dinner will start in half an hour. The tomato beef brisket pot isn’t ready yet.”

“Okay.”Lucifer leaned back a little tiredly. He looked around and asked, “Cang Lan isn’t Here?”

“He went to clean the ice at the garage door. It’s too cold and frozen. Otherwise, the garage door wouldn’t open.”

Lucifer nodded and said, “It was Mo si who did it to Ah Jue.”

Gu Yan looked up and asked, “Miao Xiaoyu’s teacher?”

“Yes, it was him. When I brought people to catch him, he had already run away. Now, there is no news of him. This person is really ruthless. He doesn’t want his family anymore.”

She did not ask about the fate of Mo Si’s family. Instead, she was thinking about where Mo Si had escaped to?

“What did the Black Angel give him?”Gu Yan was really curious. What she was more concerned about was what the Black Angel wanted to do?

At this moment, Gu Yan was wearing a beige jacket. His long hair was loose and his eyes were gentle, but his eyes were filled with curiosity.

Lucifer’s heart also softened.

He said, “We haven’t found out what the Black Angel gave MOS, but we have found out what the Black Angel has been preparing for.”

“Oh, what is it?”Gu Yan was still very calm. His pair of black gem-like eyes silently looked at Lucifer.

Lucifer said, “Last time, didn’t they want to get a submarine? That’s because they found a treasure on a planet overseas.”

During this period of time, Lucifer had asked the heavenly eye to investigate the Black Angel’s actions. It seemed that they were doing some illegal business as usual.

However, by linking the events of the past three years together, one could know the real purpose of the Black Angel.

Gu Yan felt that her heart was beating very fast and was about to get close to the truth of the matter. She guessed that the things that Lucifer said were learned from the Heavenly Eye!

Gu Yan wanted to get close to the heavenly eye first, but she didn’t expect Lucifer to tell her directly.

Was he testing her again?

But at this moment, she was eager to know the real purpose of the Black Angel because she had a hunch that the thing that was about to happen to Ah Ye was definitely related to the Black Angel!

In fact, it had only been a few minutes, but many things flashed through Gu Yan’s mind.

She raised her head and continued to look at Lucifer.

Lucifer’s eyes were filled with love, “That treasure map belonged to the old leader of the light of Hell. It is said that decades ago, the old leader was in a desperate situation, but with one percent of the treasure, he made a comeback. No one knew why he only took one percent. “But later, he was killed by one of Nial’s Black Star Troopers. Before he died, he gave the treasure map to his only son… Lei Qing.”