2230 Chapter 2230 it was cold outside, and the wind was strong

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Gu Yan’s gaze drifted for a moment. She knew very well that the person who had dealt the fatal blow to Lei Qing’s father was none other than her father, Bai Jianjun.

After that, the young Lei Qing inherited the light of hell. However, he had teamed up with Bai Hao to plot revenge against Bai Jianjun.

Then, Bai Hao had traded his own child with Bai Jianjun’s child. Later, he had been exposed, and Bai Jianjun had sent him to prison instead.

After that, Lei Qing led the light of hell pirate crew to hibernate for a long time before making a comeback.

However, after that, Ah Ye led his men and dealt a fatal blow to Lei Qing.

It was only then that Gu Yan realized that everything was connected. In her previous life, she had only participated in the part where the child was replaced.

She didn’t know if Lei Qing’s plot in her previous life had been realized, or what the Dark Angel’s ambitions were.

But now that she had been reborn, there was no way to verify all of this. She could only sigh in her heart.

Gu Yan sighed and looked up at Lucifer again.

But there was no ambiguous feelings between them.

This was Lucifer testing her. It had been a long time since Lucifer had tested her. In other words, Lucifer had always suspected Gu Yan’s motive for joining Yin.

However, after so long, Lucifer was very cautious and tried all kinds of tricks, but he still couldn’t figure out Gu Yan’s motive.

However, he still felt something special. Gu Yan was especially concerned about the Black Angel.

That was why he said those words.

Using the most authentic information to test Gu Yan One last time?

“Gu Yan, what are you trying to do?”Lucifer thought.

Gu Yan slightly lowered her eyes.

During this period of time, she had indirectly learned some things from Yin. Whenever there was danger to Niyar, Gu Yan had managed to pass the information to his sister-in-law, Wen Lan.

However, Gu Yan felt that it was a pity that she knew all this indirectly. After all, she had not gotten close to that heavenly eye yet.

Other than that, it was the matter of the Black Angel.

The mission that Gu Yan had received previously was naturally aimed at the Black Angel. At the same time, if she received any useful information, she would report it to the organization.

However, if the Black Angel’s mission was completed, she could naturally retreat.

And now, Gu Yan had finally reached the edge of the final mission!

No, she needed to remain calm.

Gu Yan’s hand gently touched her bulging belly. She raised her head and said gently, “It sounds like this treasure is very powerful. Unfortunately, I can’t go anywhere in my current state.”

“Yes, right. Stay in labor and don’t go anywhere. It’s cold outside and the wind is strong.”

Gu Yan understood what Lucifer meant and nodded with a smile.

After a pause, Gu Yan suddenly said, “By the way, brother, when the baby is born, as your uncle, you have to prepare a big gift for the baby.”

“Okay.”Lucifer’s voice was still warm and his eyes were full of love.

Gu Yan turned around and went to the restaurant.

She remembered that night when Liu Xingyun asked her why she didn’t choose Lucifer?

She had to say that Lucifer was so perfect that he didn’t seem like someone who should exist in the real world. His previous experience made it difficult for him to truly trust everything.

He treated the people in hiding well.

However, none of those people could enter Lucifer’s heart.

Gu Yan looked at Lucifer who was elegantly sitting at the dining table and taking out his own bowl and chopsticks. He suddenly sighed. What had he experienced before?