2231 Chapter 2231

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Of course, Gu Yan didn’t ask directly. Even if she asked Lucifer, she wouldn’t say anything and might even lead to a new round of probing.

Gu Yan didn’t want to have a battle of wits and courage with Lucifer while eating.

Seeing Gu Yan eating seriously and focusing all her attention on the food, Lucifer felt a little regretful.

However, although he felt regretful and couldn’t go any further, the current distance between the two of them was enough to satisfy Lucifer.

How should she put it? Once this person didn’t have high expectations, it would be very easy to achieve.

Right now, Lucifer was very satisfied, especially since he liked eating Gu Yan’s dishes more and more.

As for the cutlery that he lost, he didn’t know how many pairs. Fortunately, Gu Yan didn’t lack money. Francie gave her a very high salary, and as a freeloader, Lucifer.., he even took the initiative to send over new cutlery every once in a while.

After dinner, Lucifer still left. After his car drove away, Gu Yan muttered to himself, “What kind of thing would cause him to become like this?”

Cang Lan, who was cleaning the dishes, looked up. “You called me?”

Gu Yan shook his head. “It’s okay.”

She yawned lazily and said, “I’m going upstairs. I’m a little tired today, so I won’t be coming down.”

Cang Lan’s role in this family was a little like that of the head of logistics. Previously, Miao Xiaoyu would share some of the household chores, but ever since Guan Yujue’s accident, Miao Xiaoyu had often gone to the hospital.

Naturally, Cang Lan was the one to do the household chores.

Fortunately, Cang Lan was a man of few words and was able to handle everything in an orderly manner. He was also very satisfied with his current state.

After Gu Yan returned to his room, he first took out a device and walked around his room. Finally, he carefully checked the doors and windows.

After finding nothing out of the ordinary, Gu Yan took out the communication device that Wen Lan had given her and sent out a set of code.

The Black Angel’s target was the treasure.

The key to the treasure was most likely with Lei Qing.

The information needed to be verified again.

After sending out these messages, Gu Yan closed her eyes slightly. She did not lie to Cang Lan just now. She was indeed a little tired.

Her stomach had not been feeling well recently. Gu Yan could not explain the feeling at the moment. There was always a feeling that the baby seemed to be in a hurry for something.

Gu Yan Sat by the soft bed and gently stroked his bulging stomach.

“Baby, are you in a hurry to come out and see your father? Your father is busy, busy with important matters. Don’t worry, our family will be reunited soon.”

After an unknown amount of time, sleepiness struck and Gu Yan fell into a deep sleep.

On the other hand, Wen Lan immediately went to look for Cao ran after she deciphered the message from Gu Yan.

Bai Changle had gone on another mission and was temporarily not in the Snow Wolf Black Star Special Forces. Lu Ye had just returned, so he was also in Cao ran’s office.

Other than that, there was also Mei Lang and the twin brothers, Ming Nan Ming bei.

Cao ran raised his head and said, “In comrade Gu Yan’s message, there is one more sentence. The message needs to be checked again.”

Wen Lan nodded. “Then it should be that Xiao Yan isn’t too sure about the correctness of this message, right?”

The twin, Ming bei, frowned. “If she’s not sure, then why did she send it back?”

Ming bei had a gentle personality. He still lowered his head to study those words.

Mei Lang did not speak. Most of the time, he did not express his thoughts. He only did things based on his feelings.

Because of their differences, everyone subconsciously looked at Lu Ye.

Lu Ye did not say a word from the moment he entered.