2232 Chapter 2232: seeking the skin of a tiger

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“Ah Ye, what do you think?”Cao ran asked.

Lu Ye raised his head and looked at the crowd. In the end, he said calmly, “This is Yan Yan’s accurate conclusion based on her own judgment.”

“But why did she say that she needed to confirm it again?”Ming bei asked.

“This information of hers should have been obtained from Yin’s inner circle. And she judged that the other party intentionally leaked this information to her. Presumably, they wanted to test her true purpose.”After Lu Ye said these few words, he frowned.

He remembered that when Luo City came back from planet M, they told him that the boss of Yin, Lucifer, was very well-hidden.

No one knew how powerful this person was.

This was because Angel had reminded Luo city time and time again not to offend Lucifer.

This man’s power was definitely not as simple as the galactic aristocrats and Yin’s boss.

No, no, when these two identities were combined, one stomp was enough to make the ground tremble. If there was anything else, it would be unimaginable!

What Gu Yan wanted to do now was to make use of this big shot. It was no different from asking for the skin of a tiger.

Also, that man was covered in poison..

Lu Ye was very worried. Yan Yan’s situation was very dangerous!

Although that Lucifer had shown his perfect side in front of Gu Yan, not to mention that the people around them were all from the inner circle.

However, Lucifer had always been very ruthless and cruel to his enemies!

If one day, he really got angry at Yan Yan..

Lu Ye clenched his fists.

“Ah Ye?”Wen Lan suddenly called out. She realized that Lu Ye was in a very unusual state.

Lu Ye came to his senses. He nodded and continued, “In addition to the fact that I trust Yan Yan’s judgment, Mei Lang and I also interrogated Lei Qing and Bai Hao. “Both of them know that the Black Angel is very interested in some of the secrets of the old captain of the Hell’s light pirate crew. As for what the secret is, Lei Qing gritted his teeth. Bai Hao doesn’t know any more than Lei Qing does. “However, now I can use the treasure to test them one last time.”

Cao ran agreed to do the same.

“The Black Angel’s sphere of influence is growing larger and larger all over the world. If we can use this opportunity to root out this malignant tumor of the black angel, that would be a great thing.

“More importantly, if there really is a treasure, then we definitely can’t let the Black Angel succeed!

Now that they were so powerful, if they succeeded, the outcome would be unimaginable!

Cao ran nodded and said, “Alright, Ah Ye, you and Ming Nan and Ming bei will interrogate Lei Qing together. If necessary, we can use special methods.”

“Recently, Gongsun Yu has been studying hypnosis. I’ll go talk to him first,”Lu Ye said.

Lu Ye and the Twins split up. The twins went to the special prison first, while Lu Ye went to look for Gongsun Yu.

Gongsun Yu had already retired and left the snow wolf unit. He was now working as a researcher in a research institute.

And his wife, Guo Rou, was about to start the second test of the Snow Wolf Unit.

Back then, Guo Rou had participated in the test with Gu Yan. Although she had passed the test, it had made Guo Rou realize her own shortcomings.

Therefore, she insisted on training for another year before taking the test.

The others didn’t understand what Guo Rou was doing. After all, as a female Black Star Trooper, every year she was older, her disadvantage would increase by one year.

The Guo family didn’t support Guo Rou either. However, Guo Rou was a stubborn person. She was like a fish that was swimming against the current, stubborn and determined.

However, there was one person who was especially supportive of her. That was her husband, Gongsun Yu.