2233 Chapter 2233: throwing dog food at dogs

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In the past two years, Gongsun Yu’s work had been very idle, so he spent most of his time doing special training for Guo Rou. No one else could understand Gongsun Yu’s thoughts and decisions, but only the two of them knew, this was their way of getting along as husband and wife.

This was also their unique love.

When Lu Ye found Gongsun Yu, it just so happened that Guo Rou was not at home. Gongsun Yu was taking Harun for a walk in the residential area.

Harun was old and had already shown signs of aging. However, due to the many missions that he had carried out with the snow wolf troop in the early years, and the fact that he had the bloodline of a Garod Wolfhound, his eyes were still very sharp, gongsun Yu had also raised him well, so he looked very impressive.

From Afar, Lu Ye saw Harun before Gongsun Yu.

So, Lu Ye immediately waved at Harun. “Harun!”

“Woof!”Harun naturally remembered Lu Ye. It even remembered that this man had taken a fragrant sausage and ate it in front of it, bite by bite. In the end, he ate all of it, but did not leave a single bite for it!

However, it was also this man. When Harun was on a mission, it smelled the smell of prohibited items on the criminal. Just as it was about to pounce over and chase after the criminal, it was suddenly pounced on by Lu Ye, it fell into the ditch beside it.

At that time, Harun was so angry that it turned around and wanted to bite Lu Ye.

However, the next moment, there was a loud bang!

The Man with the contraband on his body exploded..

At that time, Harun did not know anything, but its experience told it that if it pounced on Lu Ye just now, it was afraid… there would be no future.

Harlan was smarter than most dogs. He knew his mission and who was good to him.

Later on, he even learned how to distinguish the bad guys.

But in the end, he was still old.

There was nothing he could do. The golden age of the interstellar special forces soldiers was only a few years, and battle dogs like Harlan probably had even less time.

Not to mention, Harlan had been injured before, and his sense of smell could no longer detect the smell of dangerous items.

When Harlan left the special forces, everyone in the Snow Wolf Unit gave him a bow. Harlan was a little confused, but after he left with Gongsun Yu, he realized that the bow was actually a farewell.

If Harun could speak.

At that time, he would have said.

So, when Harun saw Lu Ye, he wagged his tail and ran towards Lu ye happily, barking excitedly.

Gongsun Yu almost missed the rope.

He could only run to Lu Ye with Harun.

Harun threw himself into Lu Ye’s arms and pretended to lick his face, but Lu Ye quickly stopped him. “Idiot, you can’t Kiss here. You can only kiss my wife.”

“Woof! Woof!”Harun didn’t understand.

Gongsun Yu shook his head helplessly. “Ah Ye, aren’t you going too far with Harun? Don’t you know that Harun is an old eunuch?”

Lu Ye covered Harun’s ears and said to Gongsun Yu sternly, “How can you say the word ‘old eunuch’in front of Harun?”

“Woof, Woof, Woof!”Harun, who had his ears covered, cried out excitedly again.

Gongsun Yu rubbed the tip of his nose helplessly and said, “Well, it’s my fault. Ah Ye, you didn’t come to see Harun and me on the way, did you?”

Lu Ye let go of Harun and watched it circle around his feet excitedly. His face turned solemn.

“Yes, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

“Can you hypnotize a grown man with your current hypnotism?”