2234 Chapter 2234 advanced hypnosis

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Actually, hypnosis was considered a field of study in the field of psychology. However, most people who understood psychology only had a superficial understanding of hypnosis.

Up until now, only Miao Xiaoyu and her teacher were able to use hypnosis exceptionally well.

However, their specializations were different. After all, there were many branches in this field.

As for Gongsun Yu, he had a deep understanding of this field. Now that he had retired from the snow wolf, apart from accompanying his special training wife, Guo Rou, he spent the rest of his time researching hypnosis.

This required a good grasp of the mind, and he also needed to experiment over and over again. Before he succeeded, the failure rate of the experiment was particularly high.

Gongsun Yu understood Lu Ye. He knew that although he looked unruly, he was very serious when it came to serious matters.

Gongsun Yu nodded and said, “Alright, let’s talk at my house.”

The two of them held Harun’s hand and returned to Gongsun Yu’s house together.

Gongsun Yu was a very serious person, and Guo Rou had a very lively personality. Their house was actually very warm. Of course, because Gongsun Yu was around, he would tidy up everything that Guo Rou messed up, everything was placed in a fixed position.

Lu Ye looked at this warm little home and felt a little emotional. His and Yan Yan’s house had been empty for a long time, and Xie Luan would often bring people to tidy it up.

On this side, Gongsun Yu untied Harun’s rope and poured some dog food for it. Then, he went to wash his hands and poured a cup of tea for Lu Ye and himself.

The two of them sat down on the sofa.

Lu Ye didn’t beat around the bush, “Yan Yan received news that the Black Angel is looking for a treasure left behind by the old regiment commander of Hell’s Light. To be more specific, the treasure didn’t belong to the old regiment commander, but rather, he obtained it by accident. “That’s why the Black Angel has been trying to rescue Lei Qing all these years. However, Lei Qing hasn’t told us the truth. “Furthermore, we’ve already confirmed the matter from Bai Hao

“Therefore, you want me to try to hypnotize him to see if I can get any specific information from Lei Qing

“Yes. If the treasure doesn’t exist, then it’ll be easy. But if it does… no matter what, we definitely can’t let the Black Angel get his hands on that treasure!”

If that lunatic Pandora got her hands on that treasure, she would definitely dare to destroy the world!

She wished she could turn the entire world into her garden of Eden!

Gongsun Yu took a sip of the tea. A faint bitter taste slowly spread from the tip of his tongue.

He put down the Teacup and said, “My research on hypnosis is in the initial stage of suggestion. I can obtain things that the hypnotized party cares about very much. “If the matter of the treasure is especially important in Lei Qing’s heart, then perhaps I can find some clues. “But, you know, I’m just at the beginning of the hypnosis technique. I can’t completely make the hypnotist obey my consciousness.”

Lu Ye nodded and touched his chin, “Then we can give it a try. “But now that you mention it, I remember that when I went to see Yan Yan, there was a cadre by Yan Yan’s side. He could hypnotize, and it was the kind that could drive the hypnotist to carry out some of her orders.”

Gongsun Yu was stunned, “In that case, this person’s hypnotism has already reached a high level. However, the higher level is that it can directly enter the hypnotized person’s consciousness. Of course, that kind of situation is extremely rare.”