2236 Chapter 2236, I’m not resigned

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Lei Qing’s eyes suddenly lost focus, and he was slightly stunned.

In the next moment, a violent flash flashed past his eyes!

Lei Qing’s hands fiercely slammed against the table, producing a loud bang!

Even though both his hands were red and swollen, he didn’t seem to feel any pain at all!

Lu Ye and the Twins quietly stood at the one-way glass outside the door. They looked at each other and understood that Lei Qing’s emotions were on the verge of collapse.

And this was the perfect time for Gongsun Yu to use hypnosis!

Lei Qing slammed the table hard and then sat down on the chair. He leaned back and said in a daze, “I can’t accept this!”

That’s right, how could a character like Lei Qing be willing to indulge in this?

Moreover, if he really knew about the existence of the treasure, then his most direct goal would definitely be to take it for himself.

Then, he would rise again.

Therefore, Gongsun Yu seized Lei Qing’s weakness and found a breakthrough in hypnosis.

However, time was limited, and Lei Qing’s willpower was relatively strong, so he might soon break free from the shackles of hypnosis.

Gongsun Yu immediately asked, “What are you unwilling to do?”

“I’m unwilling to fail just like that.”Lei Qing’s eyes were still blank, but he suddenly laughed, “However, no one will know where I hid the map. After all, the person who went with me to hide the treasure map was killed by Gu Yan! Hahaha, they were all killed!”

As expected, in less than a minute, Lei Qing suddenly shook his head. He pressed his head with one hand and said in a bit of confusion and pain, “Gu Yan, why is it so good? Why didn’t I Sleep with her back then?”

Lu Ye was about to rush in when the twins beside him immediately held Lu ye down from both sides.

However, Gongsun Yu had already turned around and walked out. The moment he closed the door, Lei Qing had already raised his head. The confusion on his face had completely disappeared, and a fierce smile curled up on the corner of his mouth.

However, there was a sense of despair in that smile.

As soon as Gongsun Yu came out, he saw Lu ye standing there with a gloomy face. Gongsun Yu immediately said, “When he said the last sentence, he was already half awake.”

“He knew that he had let the cat out of the bag, so he deliberately said that to provoke you.”

Lu Ye turned his head to look at Gongsun Yu.

Ming bei, who was beside him, asked, “Could it be the previous sentence? Lei Qing said that no one would know where I hid the map. After all, the person who went with me to hide the treasure map was killed by Gu Yan! Hahaha, all of them were killed!”

Ming bei repeated Lei Qing’s words, and the few of them fell into deep thought.

After returning to another office, the few of them remained silent. Only Lu Ye squinted his eyes and suddenly said, “I know.”

Lu Ye remembered everything that happened when he and Yan Yan went to Fara Island for a vacation.

The incident between Alan and his wife, the dock where the war broke out.

At that time, Yan Yan hadn’t even become a special trooper when she took care of a member of the light of Hell Pirate Crew. Later, she even shot the speedboat that Lei Qing and the others tried to escape from.

That time, Lei Qing’s men were all dead, and only he survived.

Lu Ye raised his head and said, “So when they suddenly appeared at Fara Island, their original target wasn’t that Alan. What happened to that Alan was just an accident! Or, it was to distract us!”

Therefore, the map of the treasure must be at the abandoned pier on Fara Island!