2237 Chapter 2237 Guan Lan came

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When Lu Ye and his men rushed to the abandoned dock on Fara Island, Gu Yan, who was far away on the other side of the ocean, did not know that she had missed such an important event.

At this moment, she might be giving birth soon.

Guan Yujue was still not awake.

He had been transferred from the hospital to a sanatorium with a very good environment, but Guan Lan still had not left.

Guan Lan was not married. Now, she only had Guan Yujue as her only family member.

Miao Xiaoyu did not go over every day, but she would go over every weekend to talk to the unconscious Guan Yujue.

Until one day, Miao Xiaoyu actually brought Guan Lan home.

That day, Gu Yan had just gone to the hospital for a checkup. When he returned, he heard a woman talking in the living room.

One voice was naturally Miao Xiaoyu, and the other voice..

When Miao Xiaoyu saw that Gu Yan had returned, she immediately stood up and said to the woman, “Aunt Guan, it’s my cousin. She’s back.”

Gu Yan walked in and saw Guan Lan as expected. Guan Yujue had met with two accidents in succession. In the past few years, Guan Lan had aged greatly, but her eyes were still very sharp.

After all, Guan Yu Jue had fallen. There were so many things that Guan Lan would not allow herself to fall.

She firmly believed that Ah Jue would definitely wake up one day. She had to take care of all the businesses and wait for Ah Jue to wake up.

Guan Lan looked up and saw a long-haired woman wearing a white down jacket. The woman had delicate features, but her eyes were sharp with a strong gentleness. Her skin was white and her stomach was bulging, however, she had an imposing aura that was hard to ignore.

She was stunned. “Gu…”

“Hello, I’m Miao Xiaoyu’s cousin. You’re Auntie Guan, right? I’m also Ah Jue’s colleague. You Can Call Me Xiaoyan,”Gu Yan said with a smile, her attitude was graceful, and her expression was very calm. Her eyes were like a lake.

Guan Lan suddenly felt a little uncertain.

The person in front of her did not seem to know her.

Although there was a ‘Yan’in her name, it seemed a little different.

Moreover, in Guan Lan’s impression, that Gu Yan should have already gotten married and had children. She should not be on Planet M at all.

It was even more impossible that she was Miao Xiaoyu’s cousin.

She steadied herself and said, “Hello, thank you for taking care of Ah Jue during this period of time.”

“It’s all Xiaoyu’s doing. You’ve seen me like this. I haven’t been doing any work during this period of time. I’ve basically been raising him at home, and I haven’t been of much help to Ah Jue.”. “You guys go ahead and chat. I’ll go back to my room to change first,”Gu Yan said slowly, she walked inside.

Guan Lan looked at Xiao Yan and did not say anything in the end.

After all, it seemed that Xiao Yan had met Ah Jue a long time ago. If Ah Jue had forgotten Gu Yan, would Gu Yan forget Ah Jue?

Moreover, Gu Yan probably did not know that Ah Jue had forgotten her.

Looking at Xiao Yan’s very calm appearance and her big belly, she was extremely gentle.

Perhaps, she just looked a little similar.

At this moment, Miao Xiaoyu came over and said to Guan Lan, “Aunt Guan, how is it? My cousin is very beautiful, right? Let me tell you, she is amazing. Previously, she was working in the team of commander-in-chief Francis. Because she was about to give birth, Sir Francis specially gave her a long holiday.”

Hearing Miao Xiaoyu’s words, Guan Lan was even more certain that this Xiaoyan was definitely not that Gu Yan.

Guan Lan nodded and said, “Then your cousin is indeed amazing.”