2238 Chapter 2238-a piece of her heart was missing

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It had to be said that when she first met Gu Yan in the interstellar prison, Miao Xiaoyu had already regarded Gu Yan as her idol, especially since Gu Yan was not afraid of her hypnosis.

After experiencing so many things, she was even more suitable to be Gu Yan’s little fan.

Because they had to conceal their identities, the two of them addressed each other as cousins in front of outsiders. However, in reality, Miao Xiaoyu, who did not have any female friends, had already regarded Gu Yan as her elder sister.

Guan Lan stayed behind to have dinner before leaving.

Gu Yan was upstairs. She sighed softly as she watched Guan Lan leave.

It was better not to recognize each other.

When she went downstairs, Gu Yan heard Miao Xiaoyu talking to David. She said, “I heard from Aunt Guan that brother Jue was unfortunate enough to be knocked unconscious when he was trying to save someone. He fell into a coma and was in the exact same state as he is now. “Then, one day, he suddenly woke up. No one knows what caused him to wake up. Even the doctors were unable to find out the reason.”

David was curious, “Others may not know, but what about Guan Yujue himself? “That’s because I heard that some people are actually conscious when they fall into a coma. They even know everything that happened around them. They can even hear the words of their relatives and friends beside them.”

Miao Xiaoyu hesitated for a moment before saying, “No. After Brother Jue woke up, he didn’t know why he woke up either. It seems like he doesn’t even know why he saved that woman.”

“Could it be that that woman is very young and very beautiful?”David thought about this matter with a very masculine gaze. He said this half-jokingly and half-seriously.

Miao Xiaoyu glared at him. “Are you going to be as lecherous as Brother Jue in the future? That woman is already in her forties and fifties. Her child is already in his twenties.”

David nodded. “That would be Guan Yujue’s act of heroism. Sigh, that’s how the word ‘heroism’is used.”

However, Miao Xiaoyu sighed. “Actually, there’s a secret behind this. It was Aunt Guan who told me in private. The woman that brother Jue saved is the mother of the person that brother Jue likes.”

Miao Xiaoyu was very dejected.

After all, she felt a little uncomfortable that brother Jue liked someone so much.

In the next moment, Miao Xiaoyu’s eyes lit up and she said happily, “However, after Brother Jue woke up, he no longer remembers that woman. That’s why he doesn’t know why he saved that woman’s mother.”

Miao Xiaoyu adored Guan Yujue, so when she heard that Guan Yujue had forgotten the woman he adored, she was happy.

However, David was different.

After hearing about this matter, he thought about it from a man’s point of view and suddenly felt a little sorry for Guan Yujue.

David said, “Guan Yujue is so miserable.”

“Yeah, Brother Jue hasn’t woken up yet.”

“No, I’m saying that Guan Yujue has forgotten the person he loved deeply. He doesn’t even know that he has forgotten the person he loved deeply. It’s too miserable.”

The dissatisfaction on Miao Xiaoyu’s face kept growing.

She said, “What do you mean? That woman doesn’t like brother Jue at all. Isn’t it a good thing that brother Jue has forgotten her?”

“Then what will happen to you if one day you forget about Guan Yujue and even forget that you have forgotten about Guan Yujue?”David sighed. “Will you feel a hole in your heart?”

Miao Xiaoyu was stunned.

She was silent for a moment, not knowing how to answer.

She happened to look up and saw Gu Yan coming down from upstairs. Miao Xiaoyu’s eyes lit up.

Miao Xiaoyu immediately said to Gu Yan, “Gu Yan, tell me. What would you do if it were you?”