2239 Chapter 2239 the most familiar stranger

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What would Gu Yan Do?

From her point of view, she naturally hoped that Guan Yujue would forget about her.

They had better be the most familiar stranger.

Different from the dangerous Lucifer, Gu Yan had a good impression of Guan Yujue, or rather, the sunny boy Ah Jue. She had always treated him like a younger brother.

Gu Yan still remembered when she entered Guan Yujue’s inner world and met her master, GE Ah Jue.

That innocent smile shouldn’t be mixed with so much bitterness.

However, Gu Yan also knew that the current Guan Yujue wasn’t happy. It was as if he had fused the two personalities together.

But more importantly, it was the embodiment of his second personality.

His entire body was filled with hostility, keeping others at a thousand miles away.

Gu Yan suddenly recalled that the person who had fused the two personalities together for Guan Yujue back then was Mo Si, Miao Xiaoyu’s teacher.

Then, did he do anything back then..

“Gu Yan, Gu Yan, what are you thinking about? I’m asking you a question,”Miao Xiaoyu, who had been waiting for Gu Yan’s reply for a long time, asked anxiously.

Gu Yan raised her head and looked at her. “The person who merged Guan Yujue’s two personalities back then was MOS, the one who defected to the Black Angel, right?”

Miao Xiaoyu paused. Her expression was a little complicated before she nodded.

“I still don’t know why he did that. In fact, if it wasn’t for teacher Mos, I wouldn’t have known brother Jue. I…”

“Xiaoyu, then do you know how Moss did it? I mean, how did he merge Guan Yujue’s two personalities together?”

Miao Xiaoyu was stunned. Then, she raised her head and said, “At that time, when Moss merged brother Jue’s personality, he asked all of us to leave. However, I was curious after that and asked him. He said that he entered brother Jue’s consciousness.”

That was to say, it was the same as when Liu Xingyun helped her enter Guan Yujue’s consciousness.

However, now that Liu Xingyun was no longer around, Gu Yan could not use it again. Not to mention, Guan Yujue’s current condition could also be caused by the impact of an external object.

Miao Xiaoyu’s eyes lit up for a moment before they dimmed again.

Gu Yan couldn’t help Guan Yujue, but..

She said.., “Xiaoyu, don’t worry. After we catch Moss, we can ask him to come and take a look at Guan Yujue again. The doctor also said that Guan Yujue had encountered such a situation before. Maybe Moss would have a way to wake Guan Yujue up again.”

“That’s right!”Miao Xiaoyu’s eyes lit up and she immediately swore, “I’ll go find boss right now. I’ll go and catch Moss Too!”

Seeing Miao Xiaoyu excitedly calling Lucifer, David turned around and gave Gu Yan a thumbs up, “You still have a way to distract her. Ever since Guan Yujue’s accident, she hasn’t been herself.”

Gu Yan said calmly, “Maybe moss really has a way to wake Guan Yujue up.”

“Mm, that would be killing two birds with one stone.”

Gu Yan smiled faintly and did not say anything else.

However, when she turned around, she whispered softly, “Guan Yujue, I can only help you so much…”

When she walked to the huge French window, she realized that it was snowing outside again.

This was Gu Yan’s first winter in country M. she suddenly realized that this winter was particularly long, with a lot of snow.

The child was about to be born.

And Ye’s life-and-death calamity was about to arrive..

Gu Yan clenched her fists tightly!

Ye, you must not get into trouble!