2240 Chapter 2240 something happened to Gu Yan

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Lu Ye and his men had just gotten off the ship. Even though it was winter, the weather on Fara Island was extremely warm and comfortable.

However, the snow wolves knew that they were not here for a vacation.

A tough battle was waiting for them.

Because not long ago, Wen Lan had received a message from Gu Yan saying that the people from the Black Angel were heading to Fara Island.

She did not know how these people knew about Fara Island, but she was sure that they were also heading for the map.

This way, Lu Ye and the others would have more missions.

They would not let the people of the Black Angel get the map, and they would try their best to keep the people of the Black Angel Here!

For this, the Snow Wolf team sent out many people.

Lu Ye led the team. The twins, Ming Nan Ming bei, Bai Changle, Mei Lang, Luo City, and two people who had just joined the Snow Wolf Team this year. One of them was called Li Ruigang, and the other was called Xun Feng.

Li Ruigang used to be a security guard, and his kung fu was very good. Xun Feng was originally a lawyer, and he had a refined appearance. However, his personal qualities were extremely high, and he had shocked many people when he first arrived.

It had to be said that other than Gu Yan and the others who were on a mission, almost everyone else in the Snow Wolf team had come out.

Lu Ye narrowed his eyes. He was thinking about the message that Yan Yan had sent not long ago.

Other than the Black Angel’s men who were also on their way to South Island, there was another important message.

It was that there was a hypnotist in the Black Angel’s team. He was very powerful, and it was an elderly man from outer space. He had to be careful.

Lu Ye still remembered that when he came here with Yan Yan, so many years had passed. The two of them had been married for many years, but he had never brought Yan Yan on a trip again.

If it was any other wife, they would have been angry with their husband. After all, it was not easy to be the wife of a special trooper.

Human Hearts were made of flesh. No matter how considerate they were, they would always be hurt by the small parts of their lives.

However, Yan Yan did not.

Not only did he never blame him, but he was also working hard to fight alongside him.

After Yan Yan’s undercover mission was over, the two of them could go on missions together in the future.

“I’m fine.”Lu Ye narrowed his eyes and looked at the abandoned dock not far away. He said, “This time, let the Black Angel’s people never come back!”

“Gu Yan, are you okay?”Cang Lan had just entered the door when he saw Gu Yan holding her stomach in pain and sitting on the ground. He was so shocked that he immediately ran over and helped Gu Yan up.

Gu Yan’s face was fine, but there were bean-sized beads of sweat on her forehead.

She took two deep breaths and said, “Help me lie on the bed for a while.”

“I’ll take you to the hospital!”

“No, no need.”Gu Yan Bit his lips. He held his stomach with one hand and put the other on Cang Lan’s arm to borrow some strength.

Cang Lan was worried that something would happen to Gu Yan, but he still listened to Gu Yan. He helped her to the bed and went to pour hot water for her.

Gu Yan put one hand on his stomach and said softly, “Baby, What’s wrong with you? Did you have a Premonition?”

According to the expected delivery date, there should still be a month or so left. But today, her stomach suddenly throbbed, and even Gu Yan nearly fainted.

Fortunately, her body was especially strong, so she forcefully endured it.

But she was also covered in cold sweat.

Cang Lan was still worried about Gu Yan, so he had no choice but to call David to explain Gu Yan’s situation.