2245 Chapter 2245, the heir of Lucifer

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After Lucifer returned to his apartment, he dialed Beirut’s number.

“Beirut, ask your wife to take two months off. During this time, take care of Xiaoyan.”

Beirut’s wife was not married to a member of the pirate gang.

Among the core members of Yin, Beirut was the most down-to-earth space pirate who didn’t look like a space pirate at all.

Of course, this was also his unique disguise.

This was the first time that Lucifer asked Beirut’s wife to come in contact with the internal affairs of the space pirate gang.

Beirut was silent for a while and said, “Boss, do you value Gu Yan’s child very much?”

“Maybe I can train a successor.”

“Boss? !”Beirut was a bit surprised and a bit distressed.

Because he was the person who knew Lucifer the best. Before Gu Yan appeared, Lucifer had not been interested in any woman for many years.

In fact, if it was any other woman, Beirut and the others would have thought of all ways to send this woman to Lucifer’s bed.

They did not care whether she died or not.

They only cared about Lucifer.

However, Gu Yan was different from other women. She didn’t reject Lucifer’s advances. Instead, after rejecting Lucifer, she didn’t make Lucifer angry or hate her.

This woman was indeed not simple.

Later, Beirut heard that this woman was pregnant.

Because she had several boyfriends, she didn’t know who the child was. Moreover, Gu Yan was planning to give birth to the child.

How should she put it? Gu Yan’s personality was so strange. The fact that she wanted to give birth to the child and raise it herself was not surprising at all.

What surprised Beirut was that… the boss actually wanted to raise a child for Gu Yan.

He even wanted to raise Gu Yan’s child to become an heir! ?

Knowing his subordinate’s thoughts, Lucifer casually said, “I will not have my own child in the future, and I like Xiao Yan very much. “Then her child is very suitable to be my heir. “Moreover, Xiao Yan is pregnant with triplets. I think that since she is so outstanding, one of her children will definitely be suitable to be my heir. “Her condition is not very stable right now. I hope that you can let your wife accompany and look after her.”

Lucifer did not trust the others.

Although he did not say this, Beirut understood.

As for Lucifer’s attitude, Beirut also understood it.

He finally understood that his boss really loved Gu Yan.

Because he loved her, he was willing to be her brother.

Because he loved her, he didn’t want his special constitution to hurt her.

Because he loved her, he even decided to let her be his heir with another man’s child.

From Beirut’s point of view, he actually hated Gu Yan. Why couldn’t he be with his boss.

However, he knew that love was a matter between two people. As a bystander, he could only sigh speechlessly.

In the end, he said, “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Lucifer was still thinking about the fact that Gu Yan was pregnant with triplets. He stood by the huge French window and watched as the lights slowly lit up and the traffic was heavy.

For the umpteenth time, he felt regret and pity.

Why wasn’t the child his?

At this moment, the father of the Triplets was lying on the cold ground with a gun in his hand, his face full of vigilance.

Lu Ye quietly listened to his surroundings and no one said anything.

Only the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks could be heard.

There were also seagulls flying past, leaving a trail of sound.

All of this made the whole abandoned dock seem lonely and dangerous.

Lu Ye carefully recalled what had happened in the afternoon.