2247 Chapter 2247, can you remove your makeup first

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Gu Yan, who was in front of Lu Ye, suddenly smiled. She did not care about the gun that was pointed at her temple at all. Instead, she took another step forward and said, “Xiu, did you miss me?”

Lu Ye’s eyes narrowed. Then, he put away the gun. However, in the next moment, he took out a pair of handcuffs and wanted to handcuff Gu Yan.

This ‘Gu Yan’reacted quickly. Like a loach, he immediately dodged and jumped more than a meter away.

Seeing that the other party was getting closer, he immediately said, “What do you mean? Don’t you people always say that a husband and wife should be grateful for each other? At least we have a closer relationship, and you still want to catch me?”

Lu Ye narrowed his eyes, and there was a faint anger jumping in them. If he was not worried that the shooting would alert the others, he would have shot this person in front of him… who dared to pretend to be Yan Yan!

Seeing that the other party had taken out his dagger, and his every move was fierce, this person immediately understood that he had been recognized.

He immediately said, “Since you have recognized me, I won’t fight with you. I’m Not Your Enemy!”

Lu Ye narrowed his eyes. He was still observing the situation around him at all times. He asked in a low voice, “Then who are you? Why are you pretending to be Gu Yan? !”

“I’m Gu Yan’s friend. Tsk, you’re still fighting?”Mephistopheles, who was almost kicked in the stomach, dodged awkwardly and said, “I don’t mean any harm. Besides, I’m here to capture a black Angel’s man.”

He was really worried that Xiu would continue to fight with him and delay his boss’s business, so he immediately spoke in a man’s voice.

Lu Ye instantly understood that this person was hiding.

He didn’t know if it was his friend or not, but this person had the appearance of his family’s face, but he spoke in a man’s voice. Lu Ye suddenly felt a little unhappy.

It was as if… he had kicked off the makeup on his face.

However, he had to admit that this person’s disguise was very convincing. Most people might really believe it and make it look real.

However, Mephistopheles was also unlucky. If he pretended to be Gu Yan and let others see him, it might really be confusing.

But who asked him to meet Lu Ye.

In his two lifetimes, he was the person who knew Gu Yan the best.

If Lu Ye saw the fake Gu Yan as the real Gu Yan, then he was not qualified to say that he loved Gu Yan.

Lu Ye remembered that Yan Yan had said that the Black Angel’s people had repeatedly provoked Yin, and Yin’s people wouldn’t let the Black Angel Off the hook.

Not to mention the incident with Guan Yu Jue.

Therefore, Yin’s people were probably here for the high-level hypnotist!

Yin already knew that Xiu was a special Black Star Trooper.

Lu Ye also knew that this man was Yin’s man.

However, because of Gu Yan, there was still a lot of information that they didn’t know about each other.

Lu Ye immediately asked, “Who are you trying to capture?”

Mephistopheles didn’t hide anything, “Originally, our mission was to capture a high-level hypnotist. His name is Moss, and he hurt one of our people. “However, it would be even better if we could capture that B * Tch Pandora.”

He paused, narrowed his eyes, and smiled. “Moreover, Pandora is here this time.”

Lu Ye suddenly raised his head.

Mephistopheles continued, “I know about your mission, but as of now, our goals don’t contradict each other. However, when we capture Pandora, we won’t give it to you.”

“Then why are you still looking at me like that?”

Lu Ye’s eyes flashed with a deep displeasure. “Can you take off your makeup first?”