2248 Chapter 2248: Yin’s men were all crazy

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Lu Ye knew that Gu Yan was a fake.

However, he was not happy to see this man flaunting his face everywhere.

If it was not for the bigger picture, he would have attacked long ago and personally hit him until his makeup was removed.

However, Mephistopheles clearly did not notice the fury in the eyes of the person in front of him. He suddenly smiled and said, “Sigh, you don’t know. Pandora hates Gu Yan so much. She has sent people to kill Gu Yan time and time again, but they all failed. Pandora is so angry that she’s going to die. “Therefore, when she sees me, she will definitely make a move and lose her mind. How Good Is it to attract hatred? I don’t want to remove my makeup.”

Lu Ye was speechless.

The people in this secret were all crazy!

However, it was precisely because the other party was crazy that Lu Ye needed to be calmer.

“How many of you are there? Don’t let us accidentally hurt you later.”

“Three,”Mephistopheles told Lu ye generously. Then, the smile on his face suddenly became wild and wild. “However, you definitely can’t hurt us. You’d better be careful.”

With such an ugly expression on his face, he really wanted to hit him!

Lu Ye narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, “We want to keep the people of the Black Angel. If we catch Pandora, we won’t give her to you. So, you stay away from me!”

Mephistopheles walked away unconcernedly.

Anyway, he had already achieved his goal.

After learning that the other party was one of Niyar’s men, Mephistopheles decided to inform them.

They did not intend to make enemies with Niyar’s men. Their main goal was naturally to defeat the Black Angel, then capture that traitor moss and bring him back to Guan Yujue!

Perhaps they could even wake Guan Yujue up!

That was why Mephistopheles had suddenly appeared and witnessed the scene above.

After Mephistopheles disappeared, Lu Ye immediately reported the situation to the members of the team using his communication device.

The others did not have any objections. Only Bai Changle, who was on the other end of the communication device, lowered his voice and asked curiously, “Does that person look like Xiao Yan?”

“Then how did you recognize him?”

Bai Changle thought that Lu Ye’s words were not bad, so he should be very similar. Why did he still recognize him.

He was even more curious. He had not seen his sister for a long time, and he really wanted to meet this fake Xiao Yan.

Even if the other party did not call him Xiu, Lu Ye knew that Yan Yan would definitely not appear here.

Yan Yan was pregnant!

Therefore, the Gu Yan that suddenly appeared was definitely fake.

On the other side, Lu Ye had already decisively pulled back the line and ignored Bai Changle.

Mephistopheles, who had left Lu Ye’s side, returned to his companion’s side once again. He found that Miao Xiaoyu was no longer there. Only Moloch, who was eating potato chips while being on guard, was left.

Mephistopheles rolled his eyes speechlessly.

He truly admired his companion.

That was because Moloch did not make any sound when he was eating potato chips. Moreover, he did not interfere with the proper business at all.

Just now, this fellow had eaten five ham sausages and killed three black angels’men.

Seeing Mephistopheles looking at him, Moloch asked, “Are you asking where Lilith went? She just said that she wanted to go over and have a look. She said that she doesn’t want me to go over.”

Mephistopheles nodded.

They all had strong personalities. It wasn’t impossible for them to act alone.

However, Mephistopheles still looked at Moloch. In the end, he couldn’t help but ask, “How did you eat potato chips without making any sound and at such a fast speed?”