2249 Chapter 2249: Do you know who the person Guan Yujue likes is

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“Hehehe, it’s like this. I’ll first drink a big mouthful of water, then break the potato chips into pieces and throw them into my mouth. I’ll let the water soften the potato chips and let them completely melt in the water. Then, I’ll gently bite them and swallow them…”

“Alright, you don’t have to say anymore.”Mephistopheles decisively interrupted his partner and then decisively changed the topic, “I’ve already informed the people from China. When the time comes, they won’t make an enemy out of us. “Also, Lilith has been gone for so long, but there’s still no information. It’s very likely that she has found Moss. We’ll immediately go and take a look in which direction she went!”

This sentence made Mephistopheles express several meanings, and there was even an order-like ending.

Although food was very important, Moloch still valued his companions.

He immediately placed all the food he had brought with him into his backpack and pointed to the east with his finger that was covered with potato chips.

“Lilith is heading that way. She has been gone for 18 minutes and 29 seconds.”

“Come, let’s go and take a look.”

Just as Mephistopheles and Moloch were heading east, Miao Xiaoyu was looking at the familiar man in front of her.

Her eyes were filled with confusion.

There was also deep sadness.

“Teacher, why did you attack Brother Jue? What benefits did the Black Angel Give You?”

Standing in front of Miao Xiaoyu was Moss, who had attacked Guan Yujue not long ago!

Moss had discovered and nurtured Miao Xiaoyu’s hypnotic talent.

Miao Xiaoyu had fallen in love with Guan Yujue because of moss.

Before that, although Guan Yujue and Miao Xiaoyu were both hermits, the two of them had always operated in different regions and had almost never met.

It had to be said that among the people that Miao Xiaoyu was familiar with, teacher Moss occupied a very big position.

He was like a relative.

But it was this kind of person who was like a relative who did such a thing!

When Miao Xiaoyu discovered some clues just now, she immediately reacted because she was familiar with a very important habit of teacher moss, but it was often forgotten by others.

As a psychiatrist, Moss was actually very stressed. However, he did not smoke or drink alcohol. His only hobby was chewing gum.

Every time he finished chewing gum, he would carefully wrap it with paper and roll it into a very round ball before throwing it away.

Just now, when Miao Xiaoyu, Mephistopheles, and the rest arrived, they had stepped on two small balls.

Two small balls of the same size were wrapped in paper with gum.

Moss was not surprised at all when he saw Miao Xiaoyu. He sighed and said, “Lilith, this matter has nothing to do with you. You won’t understand even if I tell you.”

“How is it none of my business! You’ve always known that I love brother Jue! Yet, you made a move on him!”

“Lilith! Don’t you know that Guan Yujue doesn’t like you?”Moss looked at Miao Xiaoyu in anger.

Miao Xiaoyu said stubbornly, “I know that he doesn’t love me, but as long as he doesn’t like someone and isn’t married, I will never give up!”

“How do you know he doesn’t have someone he likes? !”

Miao Xiaoyu paused and immediately remembered what Guan Lan had said earlier. She said, “I know that brother Jue has forgotten someone he likes. Since he has already forgotten, then we can treat it as nothing!”

Moss shook his head and sighed. “Silly girl, you are really silly. Guan Yujue has indeed forgotten that woman, but do you know why he has forgotten that woman?”

“Because that woman sealed a part of Guan Yujue’s memory! And, do you know who that woman is? !”

Moss suddenly approached Miao Xiaoyu, and his expression suddenly turned malicious.

He said, “That woman is Gu Yan!”