2250 Chapter 2250: You Shouldn’t have attacked Brother Jue

I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce Yu Qijiu 2022/11/21 17:18:44

“The same name as Gu Yan?”Miao Xiaoyu asked subconsciously.

Moss shook his head and laughed gloatingly, “You thought it was just the same name, but the woman I saw in the depths of Guan Yujue’s mind looked exactly like Gu Yan. “But this woman is really amazing. I wanted to find an opportunity to test her. How did she do it? She was able to seal Guan Yujue’s memories!”

Miao Xiaoyu still did not want to believe it. “You’re deliberately trying to sow discord between us!”

“Is there a need for me to sow discord between the two of you? Moreover, under the current circumstances, you won’t believe anything I say.”Moss was a psychiatrist, so he knew what to say to disturb the other party’s emotions.

Perhaps it was because he was better at hypnosis than Miao Xiaoyu. After all, he was the one who taught Miao Xiaoyu.

However, there was another point. He knew that the methods used to hypnotize ordinary people would not work on Miao Xiaoyu.

Not to mention, the other party had been hiding for so many years. She was no longer an ordinary little girl. If the two of them really had a conflict, moss would definitely not be able to avoid Miao Xiaoyu’s bullets.

The only way… was to make Miao Xiaoyu’s heart flutter.

And the only way to make her heart flutter was Guan Yujue.

Women, after all, were easily hindered by love and love. Moss had met many women, and almost every woman was like that.

Once she fell in love, she could do anything for a man.

Of course, in Moss’s opinion, Pandora was an exception because this woman was very shrewd and knew how to use men the best.

Pandora was actually very picky when it came to picking men. Not all men could become her man. It had to be said that this woman was also very resourceful and very ambitious.

Thinking of what Pandora promised him, Moss’s eyes flickered and he quietly reached for the gun.

However, in the next moment, Miao Xiaoyu, who had been a little unstable, suddenly said coldly, “Teacher, if the two of US attack at the same time, you will definitely die first.”

Moss raised his head in surprise. “How did you…”

“Teacher, while you understand me, have you forgotten that I also understand you?”Miao Xiaoyu sighed with a slightly sad expression, “I have learned so many skills from you. Moreover, if it weren’t for you, I might not even know that I have the talent to hypnotize. “Actually, if you had gone to the Black Angel, I would still have continued to treat you as my teacher. However, you should never, should never have made a move against brother Jue.”

Both of them were hypnotists. Therefore, hypnosis, which was a very powerful skill, became useless.

Miao Xiaoyu slowly raised her gun and said to moss, “Teacher, come back with me. Let brother Jue wake up and I will guarantee that you will not die.”

“I will not go back with you!”

“What did the Black Angel give you!”Miao Xiaoyu did not understand. Moss’s life was very comfortable and he did not have to worry about food and clothing. Why would he suddenly ignore everything and instead work for that woman Pandora!

Miao Xiaoyu really did not understand.

Moss looked at Miao Xiaoyu and said softly, “Lilith, you don’t understand.”

“Whether you understand or not, you have to go back with me!”Miao Xiaoyu pointed at the gun, but in the next moment, the gun rang.

Miao Xiaoyu did not fire the gun.

She instinctively wanted to go to Ramos, but found that the other party was even more afraid of death and immediately found cover to hide.

Miao Xiaoyu had no choice but to turn around. She found a cover not far from Ramos and hid.

The gunshots were very concentrated. Fortunately, Miao Xiaoyu reacted quickly. Otherwise, something would have definitely happened!

It was the Black Angel’s people who had arrived.