2251 Chapter 2251 was simply too terrifying

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This time, Pandora had gone all out. She had brought more than 50 people, many of whom were elites and trusted aides.

This time, Sakura had also come along.

However, she was no longer as alluring as before. Her eyes were bloodshot and vicious.

This operation was Pandora’s last chance for her.

Previously, Sakura had messed everything up. Even after they found out later that Bai Hao had been captured by Niar’s men, Pandora still placed half the blame for the failure on Sakura.

Secondly, they had gone to steal the submarine. Planet M had been prepared for this. Not only had their mission failed completely, but they had also lost many of their brothers.

Cherry Blossom had also been shot. She had escaped with great difficulty, but she had disappointed Pandora again.

Cherry Blossom knew that Pandora was doing something big. If she succeeded, then she wouldn’t have to worry for the rest of her life.

Therefore, facing this last chance, cherry blossom was very proactive.

Meanwhile, Pandora narrowed her eyes. If she failed this time, cherry blossom wouldn’t have to return alive.

She didn’t need trash by her side.

However, Pandora was also a little worried that there were fewer and fewer people around her now. It seemed that she had to think of a way to expand her wings.

The gunshots suddenly stopped.

However, in just a short while, Black Angel finally saved Moss after losing three people.

There was only a pool of blood on the ground, and then she ran off to God knows where.

Pandora glared at Moss. “The next time you act on your own, I Won’t Save You Again.”

“Okay.”Moss lowered his head.

Pandora valued the other party’s ability very much. She paused for a moment before her tone softened again. “Mr. Moss, don’t let anything happen to you. You know that I still need you.”

Moss nodded. Pandora needed his ability, and he also needed the things that Pandora promised.

Seeing that the other party understood, Pandora did not continue to dwell on this matter. She suddenly asked, “Right, who did you meet just now? Why didn’t you hypnotize the other party?”

Moss paused. “I didn’t see them clearly. Before they could open fire, you guys appeared.”

“It’s probably those damn flies from nial again!”One of Pandora’s subordinates said angrily.

It wasn’t his fault for being so angry. His best friend had died at the hands of those special Black Star troopers more than ten minutes ago!

Pandora narrowed her eyes and said, “Looks like Lei Qing has told us everything. We need to find the map as soon as possible!”

The group dispersed again and started to carry out Pandora’s orders.

Miao Xiaoyu was shot in the arm, and blood flowed out. She gritted her teeth and wrapped her arm in bandages.

However, she had no choice. She could not kill Mo Si. Firstly, he was her teacher. Secondly, she was still waiting to bring Mo si back to save brother Jue.

However, this time, the Black Angel was obviously going to do something important before bringing Mo si out.

Perhaps next time, Mo Si would not come out again.

She definitely had to bring Mo si back to save brother Jue!

However, was what Moss said true?

Was the woman that brother Jue had forgotten really Gu Yan?

If it was true… Miao Xiaoyu suddenly felt a chill run down her spine. She realized that if Moss had not lied about this matter.

Then Gu Yan… was really too scary.

“Lilith? Are You Hurt?”The Fat Moloch asked in surprise.