2252 Chapter 2252 Mantis stalks cicadas

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Mephistopheles, who was beside Mephistopheles, had already walked over quickly. He lowered his head and quickly examined Miao Xiaoyu’s wound. Seeing that the bullet had already passed through and was not left inside, he swiftly took out an anti-inflammatory medicine and applied it on Miao Xiaoyu first.

Miao Xiaoyu looked at Mephistopheles in a daze.

In other words, the person that Miao Xiaoyu was actually looking at was Gu Yan.

After all, Mephistopheles had disguised himself as Gu Yan this time.

Miao Xiaoyu’s emotions were very complicated.

She had personally brought Gu Yan Out from the interstellar prison back then.

Miao Xiaoyu had admired Gu Yan back then, so she had brought her into seclusion.

It was only at this moment that Miao Xiaoyu realized in horror why Gu Yan was not afraid of her hypnosis. So, it was because Gu Yan could also hypnotize?

There were some barriers between hypnotists, but because they were too familiar with each other, they were also somewhat immune.

For example, Miao Xiaoyu could not be hypnotized by teacher Moss Now. Similarly, Miao Xiaoyu could not hypnotize moss either.

But Miao Xiaoyu could not hypnotize Gu Yan..

Miao Xiaoyu had previously thought that she could not hypnotize boss, so Gu Yan should be like boss, with very strong spiritual power.

Mephistopheles was a little scared by her look, so he quickly bandaged her arm and said, “Lilith, why are you looking at me like that? It’s not like I hit you.”

“It’s okay, I just remembered Gu Yan. Your bandage isn’t as good as hers.”


Moloch asked curiously, “Lilith, did you meet the Black Angel’s People?”

“I saw Moss. They are over there. There are more than 30 of them. That’s too many.”Miao Xiaoyu did not think about Gu Yan for the time being. Her purpose for coming here was to bring moss back.

She continued, “The Black Angel sent out many people, and the Chinese special forces are also here. This means that they must have a goal. At the very least, the Black Angel’s sudden appearance here must have a goal.”

As soon as Miao Xiaoyu finished her sentence, the remaining two people looked at each other.

All of the Black Angel’s preparations were for the treasure. It had to be said that Lucifer had been patiently waiting until now. He had not directly made a move on the Black Angel, so he was waiting for the other party to prepare everything.

Who did not like money?

Pandora thought that after her provocation, she did not directly fight back. She thought that the other party was worried about something.

However, in reality, Lucifer was waiting for the mantis to catch the cicada and the oriole to catch the oriole behind.

This time, their goal was of course to capture Moss. However, they also had to figure out what the Black Angel’s people were doing.

As for Pandora, they would not capture her for the time being.

At this time, Mephistopheles pinched the space between his brows and said softly, “Next, we have to pay more attention. Other than capturing Moss, we have to pay attention to what the Black Angel’s people are doing! And Lilith, don’t act on your own next time. After all, the other party has more people.”

Miao Xiaoyu nodded slightly.

She hid the dark light in her eyes.

Just as all kinds of knives and swords flashed across Nial’s Old Dock, Gu Yan, who was far away on the other side of the ocean, woke up from her dream again.

She had not been sleeping well recently.

Gu Yan had a dream. She dreamed that Lu Ye had been shot several times and then pushed into the operating room. She had a big belly and was wearing a white coat, participating in the surgery.

However, Lu Ye still closed his eyes.

Gu Yan suddenly woke up.

She looked outside in a daze. The sky was already bright, but she did not know when it had snowed heavily again. There was a silver light outside.

Why… did she have that dream from her past life again?