2254 Chapter 2254 didn’t hurt much, but it tickled

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“Xiao Yan, why did you call me just now?”

When the Beilu couple went to their room to put their things, Lucifer looked at Gu Yan.

Gu Yan paused and said, “Let’s go upstairs and talk.”

Beilu’s wife didn’t know about these things, and Gu Yan didn’t want her to know.

The two of them went upstairs to the study. The floor was covered with a thick carpet, so they didn’t make any sound when they stepped on it.

Many of the books in the study were bought by Miao Xiaoyu. This girl liked all kinds of detective novels, and later on, Gu Yan added some world-famous literary works, especially some translations of Niyar.

She also bought a book written by her mother, Xie Luan. Gu Yan missed his mother and family, so he often put this book by his mother, Xie Luan, at the bedside.

The floor lamp was emitting a gentle light. Lucifer looked up at the woman in front of him. When she was not guarded, this woman was absolutely gentle and quiet like an angel.

There was a hint of gentleness between his brows.

Lucifer asked, “Xiao Yan, how have you been feeling recently? Are you feeling better?”

“I’m okay. I Can’t help it. It’s like this even when I’m pregnant.”Gu Yan sat down, held a cup of hot water and took a sip, “Now that the people of the Black Angel have all gone to Fara Island in nial, now is the best time to destroy the Black Angel’s Nest!”

He knew that this girl would not tell him anything personal, not even trivial daily chats.

There must be a reason why she was so serious.

That was why he did not let Beirut’s wife know.

Although he knew that it was impossible, for a moment, Lucifer still felt that he was a little overconfident and was stung.

It didn’t hurt, but it tickled.

He could endure it, but he was still very disappointed.

Fortunately, there were many opportunities to be disappointed. Today, he couldn’t be any less disappointed.

He walked to the floor-to-ceiling window of the study and looked at the snow outside.

There seemed to be a lot of snow this year.

Lucifer asked, “Why?”

“Brother, you have wanted to take care of the Black Angel for a long time, but you are waiting to see what they are doing, right?”Gu Yan looked up at Lucifer’s beautiful eyes and said, “Because, you also want that treasure.”

“Something that made Pandora go crazy, it must be something good.”Lucifer smiled lightly and did not deny his ambition at all. “There are a lot of people in Yin. Many of them are not from the pirate gang, but they are also affiliated with the companies in Yin’s territory. Wait, wait, wait, Xiao Yan, I have a lot of people to support.”

For some reason, Gu Yan suddenly remembered that when she went on a mission with Lucifer and Moloch, when she came back, Moloch secretly told Gu Yan that the fool from last time.., it was because he made a move on those old people in the old street that made Lucifer furious and directly exterminated them.

Why was it said that Yin was not a cold-blooded and heartless space pirate in the specific sense.

It was because, under the leadership of Lucifer, they had done a lot of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

It was not possible to directly determine whether they were good or bad.

Gu Yan’s tone also became relaxed.

She said, “Only when we completely cut off the Dark Angel’s escape route, will they make a desperate attempt to find the treasure. When they find it, we will be able to catch the mantis stalking the cicada and the oriole behind.”

Lucifer walked in front of Gu Yan. Gu Yan was sitting while Lucifer was standing.

Lucifer lowered his head slightly and starlight flashed in his eyes. “Xiao Yan, I am the mantis. Are you the Oriole?”