2256 Chapter 2256: Brother-in-law and brother-in-law

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“Are you stupid? We Snow Wolves never abandon our teammates!”Bai Changle glared at the man and said in a senior tone, “You’re a newbie. If you don’t understand, then listen to me!”

“Do you know why I came to apply for a special trooper?”Xun Feng raised his head. The glasses he was wearing had disappeared.

Bai Changle was taken aback. He didn’t expect him to suddenly bring this up.

Bai changle blinked and looked at Xun Feng as if he was looking at an idiot. “If you want to tell me a motivational story, we’ll talk about it after this mission is over.”

However, for Xun Feng, who had gone from being a lawyer to a special trooper unit, it was a difficult task.

Xun Feng was usually a very reserved person. He had suffered a lot, and due to his strong personal ability, he passed the Snow Wolf Unit’s test.

He smiled self-deprecatingly and said, “I’m very good at filing lawsuits, but I think I shouldn’t just stand there and argue with others. I should do more.”

Bai Changle didn’t understand his new companion’s mood, but he had always done things very simply and roughly, so he directly patted Xun Feng’s head and said, “Don’t continue to say these disheartening words for me. Just focus well. Although this battle has lasted for a long time, it hasn’t ended yet. We haven’t lost yet.”

“But my legs aren’t suitable to move anymore.”Xun Feng smiled bitterly.

He was still inexperienced, so he didn’t protect himself well when he encountered the enemy.

Bai changle said directly, “If we can’t leave, then we’ll ambush them here! If the enemy comes, we’ll kill them all! If they come, we’ll kill them all!”

Fortunately, this side was an abandoned dock, so there weren’t many residents nearby.

This was because this place was quite far from the city center. At most, some residents would hear some gunshots at night, but they would definitely hide and call the police.

However, the security guards would come tomorrow.

He would try his best to get rid of that group of Labor Angels before dawn!

Looking at the burning light in Bai Changle’s eyes, Xun Feng suddenly smiled.

He had heard before that the companions of the Snow Wolf Battalion were all extraordinary.

Now, it seemed that this was indeed the case.

The two of them hid their figures and paid attention to their surroundings at all times. The place they found was a damaged cabin closest to the dock.

From the hole in the cabin, one could see the moss on the Old Dock.

Xun Feng Thought for a moment and asked Bai changle curiously in a low voice, “Changle, I heard that your sister is also in the Snow Wolf Troop?”

Bai Changle raised his chest and let out a proud cry when he mentioned his sister.

Seeing his smug look, Xun Feng pursed his lips and asked another curious gossip, “I heard that she has already married Lu Ye? Your sister is very young, isn’t she? Why is she married so early?”

When he mentioned that his sister had been kidnapped by Lu Ye, the pride on Bai Changle’s face instantly disappeared. Then, it turned into a bitter and bitter hatred.

He sighed. “Sigh, it’s all because of an accident back then. Otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t have let Lu Ye kidnap Xiao Yan so easily!”

This brother-in-law and his brother-in-law would always have a grudge against each other.

Moreover, Bai Changle seemed to treasure his own sister so much.

Xun Feng asked curiously, “What accident?”

Actually, Bai Changle didn’t really want to talk about the matter of Xiao Yan being replaced back then. Because of the eighteen years that he had missed, Bai Changle felt very sorry for his sister.

He was about to say something, but he didn’t continue the topic. He suddenly raised his head and saw that the moss at the bottom of the pier was actually illuminated by the moonlight. There was a flash of light!