2257 Chapter 2257: Bai Changle with a big heart

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“Look, what is that!”Bai changle pointed in that direction.

Xun Feng looked in the direction he was pointing at and accurately judged, “There should be some kind of metal there. Moreover, it should be a metal that doesn’t belong to the iron shelf at the dock.”

After all, if it belonged to the metal shelf, it wouldn’t reflect so much light.

Moreover, after such a long time, the moss had grown a few thick layers, so it was impossible for it to be part of the metal rack at the dock.

The two of them looked at each other.

They said in unison, “Map? ! ! !”

One of their objectives this time was this map. If they got the map, they could guarantee that the Black Angel’s people wouldn’t be able to get it!

Bai changle immediately said, “I’ll go and take a look. You Cover Me!”

Xun Feng nodded solemnly and gripped the spear in his hand tightly.

That piece of land was located in an extremely flat and open area. In other words, Bai Changle’s trip would be extremely dangerous!

Who knew how many people were hiding in the dark? After all, many of the Black Angel’s people had come this time.

Bai Changle quietly crawled forward. To be on the safe side, Xun Feng immediately reported their location and discovery to the intercom. He hoped that his companions nearby could also cover Bai Changle!

The person closest to this area was Lu Ye!

He said calmly, “I’m at your three o’clock direction, and I’m approaching! Remember, you have the map. If you can’t protect it, destroy it on the spot!”

This was an order given by the leader before Lu Ye and the others came.

Although the treasure was precious, their goal had never been the treasure, let alone knowing where it was.

Besides, their mission was to prevent the Black Angel’s people from getting the map!

Without the map, the Black Angel would have no way to find the treasure, and they would have no way to continue expanding without restraint.

And the following series of events.

In addition, Lu Ye also had his team spread out and slowly approached them.

Bai Changle’s movements were very light. He was paying attention to his surroundings at all times. He was getting closer and closer to the reflective area below the dock..

Just when Bai Changle was only three steps away from his target, a gunshot was suddenly heard!

Bai changle quickly fell to the ground and rolled to the edge of the Old Dock!

Lu Ye was one step faster than Xun Feng. He fired three shots at the spot where the shots were fired. Then, he heard a scream.

The gunshot finally broke the silence. When it sounded again, not only did it become more intense, but it also attracted the attention of everyone around!

At the same time, Bai Changle successfully hid under the old dock. Because of the cover, he was not worried about being hit.

He reached out and touched the reflective area that was inlaid under the dock.

Bai changle used a very difficult posture and reached out to touch it. If he was not careful, he would fall into the sea!

Because his body was too low, the sea water almost jumped onto his face!

This was also thanks to Bai Changle’s long arm, otherwise, he would have to jump into the sea to touch that thing.

He finally touched a hard metal-like thing!

Bai Changle’s eyes lit up!

It was a metal box containing something!

Bai Changle was also very big-hearted. He completely ignored the incessant gunshots over there, or rather, he believed that his comrade-in-arms would definitely cover him well.

His entire attention was focused on how to dig the metal box down.