2258 Chapter 2258, he’s right behind you

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Bai Changle had a strong energy.

He had to do what he had to do!

Moreover, he was extremely focused when he did it.

He was so focused that he didn’t even know when the gunshots above his head had stopped.

To be precise, after fighting for so long this night, no matter who it was, there weren’t many bullets left in the three groups of people.

Xun Feng’s bullets were gone, and his leg was injured. He looked nervously in Bai Changle’s direction.

Because he was the closest, he knew that Bai Changle was trying to grab that thing.

Mephistopheles, little fish, and Moloch were also approaching, colliding with Luo City and Ming Nan and Ming bei.

The impatient Ming bei immediately pulled out his gun. Luo Cheng hurriedly stopped Ming bei.

The six of them stood face to face.

Of course, because Lu Ye had informed them beforehand, Luo Cheng and the others were not too shocked when they saw Mephistopheles pretending to be Gu Yan.

But they had to admit that it was very similar!

Miao Xiaoyu said, “Hey, we’re here to cause trouble for the Black Angel, not to go against you.”

Knowing that the other party was Yin, Luo City had dealt with these people before, especially Miao Xiaoyu. After all, he and Angel had been going to that house to look for Gu Yan during that period of time.

Although they didn’t trust the other party very much, they wouldn’t make a move if they could.

Besides, Yin wasn’t on their list either.

Luo city nodded and said, “We won’t interfere with each other.”

After he said that, he glanced at Mephistopheles and said, “Your friend has such a unique hobby. He actually pretended to be Gu Yan.”

“You recognized him too?”Mephistopheles felt that his disguise this time was a failure.

Los Angeles pointed out mercilessly, “We all know that Gu Yan is pregnant, and your stomach is flat. Of course we recognized him.”


F * ck! How could he have forgotten such an important thing!

Mephistopheles immediately reached into his pocket, intending to take something out. This action was too sensitive, so much so that Ming bei, who had put down his gun, took it out again and pointed it at Mephistopheles.

Mephistopheles said speechlessly, “What Are You So nervous about? I’m not taking out my gun. If I wanted to shoot, I would have done it long ago. Why would I wait for this moment?”

Looking at Mephistopheles’face with Gu Yan’s, Ming bei felt extremely uncomfortable. However, he had to pretend that he did not know Gu Yan and could not say anything at this moment.

However, he did not immediately take back his gun.

Ming bei asked, “Then what do you want to take?”

Just as he finished his sentence, he saw Mephistopheles take out makeup remover, cotton wool, and a small mirror from his pocket..

This guy actually started to remove his makeup in front of them! ! !

However, Moloch and Miao Xiaoyu, who knew Mephistopheles very well, were very calm.

The former was chewing on a hamburger.

The latter said to Los Angeles and the others, “It’s just his hobby. There’s no other meaning to it. Don’t worry about him. “Oh right, before you came here, did you see a European man in his forties called Moss? He can hypnotize and is currently in the Black Angel team. “He’s wearing a white shirt and dark blue suit pants today. He’s used to chewing gum.”

He looked at Miao Xiaoyu suspiciously. “Why did you describe him in such detail?”

Miao Xiaoyu laughed self-deprecatingly. “This time, we’re going to catch this person. We’ve already fought with him, but unfortunately, he escaped.”

Ming Nan, who had been silent all this time, suddenly said, “He’s right behind you.”