2259 Chapter 2259 Mephistopheles was furious

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In an instant, gunshots rang out.

From the afternoon till late at night, it had been a long time since such dense gunshots had been heard. After all, bullets were used up. As more people died, the number of bullets in each group decreased.

This time, the other party had used the remaining firepower to launch such a fierce attack. It could be seen that they had gone all out.

However, this abandoned pier was full of things to begin with. Be It Yin’s trio or Luo Cheng’s trio, they were all extremely quick-witted people. Therefore, when the gunshots rang out, or rather.., when Ming Nan said that, the six of them reacted almost instantly.

Luo Cheng, Ming Nan, and Ming bei were a distance away from the Black Angel’s group, so the three of them were not injured at all and took cover.

They even fired back at the Black Angel.

Ming Nan, who noticed the anomaly first, aimed at the target. Even though the target’s reaction was fast, compared to the other well-trained space pirates and special troopers, it was still a bit lacking.

Moss’shoulder was hit. He covered his shoulder and the gun in his hand fell to the ground.

In the next moment, cherry blossoms rushed over from behind him and covered moss.

But by the time she retaliated, Minnan had already given up on the fight and turned around to find a safer cover.

As for Miao Xiaoyu and the other two, because their backs were facing that direction, no matter how quick their reactions were, there were still people who were shot… Mephistopheles, whose makeup had been removed halfway.

This was the result of Moloch using a rocket launcher as cover.

He had only been shot once.

Miao Xiaoyu immediately took advantage of the time when Moloch’s counterattack was very powerful to pull Mephistopheles to the side and hide.

However, Mephistopheles’expression at this moment was extremely scary.

Especially since half of his face was Gu Yan’s and the other half was his own.

Miao Xiaoyu paused for a moment, wanting to laugh, but then she really did laugh.

The insides were filled with such heartless people.

Mephistopheles looked at Miao Xiaoyu coldly. Then, he took out a mirror and looked at her. He asked, “Is it funny?”

Miao Xiaoyu knew that Mephistopheles was angry.

This man cared more about his appearance than any other woman.

Therefore, the anger of being interrupted halfway through removing his makeup… Miao Xiaoyu didn’t nod or shake her head. She immediately jumped to Moloch’s side and helped him beat up the group of Black Angels.

Mephistopheles naturally wouldn’t really be angry at Miao Xiaoyu. The ones he was going to be angry at were… the group of Angel Bastards who caused him to remove half of his makeup!

Mephistopheles took out two knives with hooks from his arms very coldly..

Miao Xiaoyu was helping Moloch while looking at Mephistopheles. Her voice was faintly suppressing her excitement. “Mephistopheles seems to be angry.”

“AH, he hasn’t been angry in a long time,”Moloch replied as he chewed on the chocolate and shot at the other party.

Miao Xiaoyu laughed gloatingly. “That’s why those people over there are going to be in trouble.”

After all, these people were Yin’s cadres. If they didn’t have any ability, they wouldn’t even be able to enter Yin, let alone become core members.

At this moment, the ten or so people on Black Angel’s side weren’t in good condition. Six people were standing in front of them, and three of them had their backs to them. Yet, not a single one of them was killed?

Although they might have been injured, one of them had died and three of them had been injured.

They had launched a sneak attack, but the result was even worse than the other party’s casualties. This made cherry blossoms, who was leading this group of people, look extremely unsightly!