2260 Chapter 2260: the ominous premonition of the cherry blossoms

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However, this cherry blossom was also unlucky.

She had just been promoted, and her first mission was to meet Gu Yan and Lu Ye’s combined forces. She was instantly defeated and did not even have a chance to turn over a new leaf.

Her second mission was to launch a sneak attack on the interstellar base. She met Francie, who was already prepared, and suffered a crushing defeat for the second time.

This was the last chance to clear her name and come to Farah Island to find the map of the treasure.

But this time, she met the Snow Wolf’s elite and Yin’s trio.

Even though she was actually a powerful woman, she wasn’t as monstrous as Gu Yan.

So this third and final mission’s ending..

Now that she saw that the situation wasn’t good, she felt a little resentful towards the hypnotist beside her. If it wasn’t for this guy seeing the group of people from afar and saying that he wanted to take action, she wouldn’t have let her subordinates take action.

But it was too late to say anything now.

She had to hurry to the dock and meet up with Pandora!

Although cherry blossom was full of anger, she calmly said to moss, “Let’s not continue fighting here. Let’s hurry up and meet up with big sister!”

They had just received news that the enemy seemed to have found a map at the dock!

That was why their small team had rushed over.

His wound was still bleeding, and the pain made his forehead break out in cold sweat.

Had he hit those people who had hit yin earlier?

Moss knew that Lilith would not die so easily. His goal was to hurt those people who had hit yin so that he could stop them from chasing after him.

Moss was a very shrewd person. He knew that Yin would not really want to make a big move on the Black Angel this time, but he would definitely capture him.

Moss didn’t want to go back.

Although he had lost his job, family, and friends, as long as he had money, he would have everything again.

At this point, he couldn’t turn back.

However, he didn’t know how Yin’s three people were doing after that incident?

Moss didn’t know that it was his actions that completely stirred up the Hornet’s nest.

He had also completely left Sakura’s team behind.

Just as Sakura was about to retreat with her subordinates, she suddenly heard a series of screams from her subordinates. After that, there was no more sound.

It was as if her neck had been broken!

“Who is it? !”Sakura’s ominous feeling grew stronger and stronger. However, what responded to her was another scream from her subordinates.

The enemy was very close to them.

It was almost right beside them!

Sakura thought that either there was a spy among them, or… the other party was a madman!

Hidden people were never restrained, especially those few cadres. They basically had their own crazy points.

Unfortunately, Sakura and moss just happened to step on Mephistopheles’minefield.

Mephistopheles, who was red-eyed with killing intent, defeated four or five people in the blink of an eye. He was also wounded. His arm was cut and bleeding. The gunshot wound from before was not bandaged, however, he did not seem to know the pain.

When cherry blossom saw Mephistopheles, she was completely stunned.

Why did he look half like a man and half like a woman with makeup?

This woman looked a little familiar?

Mephistopheles rushed in. Miao Xiaoyu and Moloch naturally wouldn’t let their partners risk their lives alone.

Not to mention, their target, Moss, was inside!

Therefore, Miao Xiaoyu and Moloch went around and cut off the escape route for the Sakura Moss team!

Los City, who was hiding not far away, narrowed his eyes and said to the twin brothers beside him, “Let’s go around and support Ah Ye and the others!”