2261 Chapter 2261: We Are comrades-in-arms

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It had to be said that Yin had indirectly helped the snow wolves this time.

Luo Cheng looked back and hoped that Yin and the other two would be safe.

When the snow wolves and the others rushed to the Old Dock, the conflict on the dock had reached a climax.

However, no one fired because the bullets were all used up.

They had fought for almost an entire day, and it was a form of exhaustion for everyone.

Xun Feng held a dagger and dragged his injured leg as he took two steps back. Standing in front of him was a bearded black angel member.

He narrowed his eyes, but he did not give up at all.

The other party held a shiny knife. The light reflected from the knife was so sharp that Xun Feng could not open his eyes.

Xun Feng thought to himself in self-mockery. He still had too little experience. This was only the first mission, but it had become the last mission.

However, even so, he did not regret his choice at all.

If there was any regret, he thought, perhaps he was not outstanding enough, not fast enough, not enough..

The bearded man who was about to Chop Xun Feng suddenly let out a miserable cry. Then, he fell to the ground, and blood gushed out from his abdomen.

Under the moonlight, Xun Feng stared blankly at Lu Ye, who was covered in blood.

He asked, “Lu Ye, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. It’s not even my blood.”Lu Ye carelessly touched his face. Then, he immediately found Xun Feng’s leg injury and threw the only gun that still had bullets on him to him.

Xun Feng caught it in a panic.

Lu Ye asked, “Where’s Bai Changle?”

“He’s over there. He should have already gotten the item. However, it’s very difficult for him to come back. There are obstacles on both sides. I don’t know if he’s injured…”

Lu Ye nodded. “Xun Feng, is your marksmanship accurate?”

If it was in the past, the extremely confident Xun Feng would definitely say that his marksmanship was very accurate without hesitation.

However, just now, he had brushed past death.

If his partner had not appeared in time, he might have..

“Cheer Up! My back and Bai Changle’s life are all in your hands!”

Lu Ye narrowed his eyes and said, “This is my last bullet.”

Xun Feng suddenly felt the gun in his hand become heavy. He raised his head and looked at Lu Ye in astonishment. “You, why do you trust me so much?”

“Because we are partners.”

Xun Feng watched Lu Ye’s figure disappear into the night and resolutely head in Bai Changle’s direction.

At this moment, a member of the Black Angel on the left was about to stick his head out and aim at Lu Ye’s back. Xun Feng took a look and immediately took aim.

The member of the Black Angel did not know how he died.

Xun Feng’s eyes were filled with determination.

Since his companions trusted him so much, he would never betray their trust!

Lu Ye was also very careful with his cover. He kept moving forward and finally saw Bai Changle who had just obtained the iron box.

However, at the same time, two members of the Black Angel surrounded Bai Changle!

Because they were very close to each other, the two of them held shiny daggers and attacked Bai Changle.

Bai Changle kicked one of the men in the stomach, then he turned around and felt a chill on his back. He directly blocked the long iron box in his hand, and the iron box collided with the dagger, making an ear-piercing sound!

Lu Ye saw the blood on Bai Changle’s body, and for a moment, he did not know where he was injured, so he immediately rushed forward.

When Bai Changle saw him, he shouted at Lu Ye, “Ye, catch!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the rectangular iron box flew towards Lu Ye.