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Bai Changle had just taken the iron box and shook it when he heard that there was something inside.

His first reaction was to confirm that it was a map and to destroy it.

This was something that they had confirmed before carrying out their mission.

After all, everyone had almost run out of bullets and could not protect the map at all. Since they could not protect it, they might as well destroy it.

But Bai Changle didn’t have the time.

Because the two people from the Black Angel had already come over. Although they didn’t have guns, the daggers in their hands shone coldly under the moonlight.

That was why there was the scene above.

Without the Iron Box, Bai Changle also took out his military dagger and started fighting with the two people.

One of them tried to chase after Lu Ye, but he was stopped by Bai Changle.

Lu Ye knew that as long as the other party didn’t have a gun, the two of them couldn’t do anything to Bai Changle!

So he caught the box, turned around, quickly dodged, and hid.

On the metal box was a password lock.

There were five numbers, but there were countless possibilities!

Lu Ye could hear all sorts of sounds from time to time. There was the sound of knives stabbing into his body and the sound of the wind blowing.

There was the sudden sound of gunshots, as well as the screams of people.

But at this moment, all of them turned silent.

He had to destroy this map!

The box was made of some sort of metal, and it was very durable. No matter what Lu Ye did, he could not break it forcefully.

He squinted his eyes and thought seriously. This box belonged to Lei Qing, so what kind of password would lei qing use?

Lu Ye remembered that he had read about Lei Qing’s birthday, but after he entered it, the notification was wrong.

There was a notification on the side of the box, and he could only enter the password three times.

In other words, only two times was wrong!

Lei Qing was such a selfish person. How could he not use his own birthday as the password?

As for the others, Lu Ye thought that Lei Qing would not use it at all. After all, he had had two women, Bai Weiyang and Shen Xiyan, who had given birth to his children.

But Lei Qing probably still did not know the birthdays of these two women and their children.

Is it Lei Qing’s father’s birthday?

But the next moment, Luano denied it.

Although Lei Qing eventually succeeded his father as the captain of the Hell’s light pirate crew.

But he always hated his father.

Because in Lei Qing childhood memory, he has been a bully bastard, for this, Lei Qing suffered a lot, the initiator, is his father.

… So, what was the password?

At this moment, in a prison cell far away in the provincial capital’s special prison, Lei Qing was wearing handcuffs and leg irons. He sat on a hard bed and looked at the moonlight outside through the small window.

A cruel smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Lu Ye, oh Lu Ye, even if you found the map, so what?

I spent a lot of money to build that box. I Can’t break it.

And that password… you’ll never guess it.

Once you enter the wrong password three times, you’ll never be able to open it again.

A gloating light flashed in his eyes.

If he couldn’t get that treasure, no one could!

Lu Ye was still gritting his teeth, trying to figure out what the password was.

However, if the box was locked and couldn’t be opened again, then could it be that the Black Angel’s people couldn’t open it either?

Just as this thought flashed through Lu Ye’s mind, he heard Bai changle shouting in the distance, “Ah Ye, I tried the wrong password once. I gave you two chances!”