2263 Chapter 2263 Damned Lei Qing

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If it weren’t for the urgency of the situation, Lu Ye would have wanted to say to bai changle, “Brother-in-law, I thank you!”!

Even though the box would automatically lock after three tries and couldn’t be opened with anything else.

But what if the Black Angel’s people brought this thing back, found the person who made the box, and opened it?

Lu Ye could not take this risk and let this operation go to waste!

The best option was to open the box and destroy the map!

There was still one more chance..

At the same time, Lu Ye could feel that more and more people were approaching him. He did not have much time left!

He had to destroy the map!

Lu Ye usually looked like a hooligan, but those who were familiar with him knew that he was calmer than anyone else at the most crucial moment.

Calm, decisive, and sharp.

Lu Ye carefully recalled the scenes when he interacted with Lei Qing. In the end, the memories in his mind were fixed on the words that Lei Qing said when Gongsun Yu hypnotized Lei Qing.

Back then, it was precisely because of Lei Qing’s words that they had deduced the location of the map of the South Island!

Now, it seemed that the map was indeed here.

Their guess was not wrong!

What else did Lei Qing say in that sentence?

Lu Ye recalled every single word. However, his handsome face became darker and darker.

Lei Qing emphasized in that sentence that it was Gu Yan.

Three minutes later, Lu Ye entered a string of numbers. Then, with a click, the locked box opened.

Then, Lu Ye’s handsome face became darker.

Because what he had just entered was Yan Yan’s birthday!

This damned Lei Qing!

Only now did he understand why Lei Qing was so fearless. After all, no one would have thought that he would use Gu Yan’s birthday as the password for this box!

Lu Ye suddenly did not want to think too deeply about it.

Right now, he only wanted to kick Lei Qing to the wall, the kind that he could not even scratch off!

This B * Stard still dared to think about his family’s Yan Yan!

Lu Ye thought about it and found some time to go back and beat Lei Qing up to vent his anger. Then, he opened the box.

What was in the box was indeed a map. The latitude and longitude were all drawn in great detail.

And finally, on the symbol of the treasure chest, there was a skull.

Lu Ye’s memory was super strong. He only looked at it once and remembered everything on it. Then, without hesitation, he took out a lighter and lit the map.

And when the map was halfway burned, Lu Ye heard Bai Changle’s Scream!

He poked his head out of the corner and looked over. Then, he saw Pandora holding a gun and pointing it at Bai Changle’s head.

In her hand was a knife. The knife had just stabbed Bai Changle’s thigh!

Beside their feet was Xun Feng, who was lying on the ground. No one knew if he was dead or alive.

Opposite Pandora were Los Angeles and the others. Although Los Angeles and the others were also wounded, it did not seem serious.

In addition, there were a few people lying on the ground. They did not move at all. Judging from their clothes and hair color, they should be the people of the Black Angel.

At this moment, Pandora was also very frustrated!

She had brought many people with her for this operation, but there were only less than five people left standing beside her!

And that Bitch Cherry Blossom, where did she go with more than ten people? !

If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have promoted her to be an angel! What a waste of time!