2265 Chapter 2265 probing at the edge of courting death

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She had seen this man before.

In fact, there were many men in Pandora. She was also very picky and had high expectations of men. Not all kinds of men could be her guests of honor.

When she was in that bar, she had taken a fancy to a niyar man at a glance.

That niar man was tall and handsome. Especially when he was shaking his wine glass, there was a faint evil smile at the corner of his mouth.

Originally, Pandora wanted to conquer that man, but who would have thought that that man actually had an owner!

Then, for the first time in her life, Pandora snatched a man and actually failed?

She was even humiliated by that woman!

Later on, Pandora wanted to make a move on that woman, but she didn’t expect that woman to be so powerful. After several attempts at assassination, she failed?

Then, Pandora went to investigate that woman, and continued to send people to deal with that woman. She had forgotten about the man who had initially moved her heart.

And the appearance of the man in front of her gradually merged with Niyar’s appearance that day in the bar.

Pandora was slightly stunned, but the next moment, she suddenly remembered.

If the man in front of her was one of Nial’s Black Star Troopers!

Then, did Gu Yan know about this man’s identity?

However, thinking about the presence of hidden people here tonight, Pandora’s thoughts instantly went astray.

She thought that the hidden people had already hooked up with Nial’s Black Star Troopers!

Oh right, otherwise, Bai Hao wouldn’t have been caught so easily!

Pandora thought she had figured out the whole story, but when she raised her head and saw the man slowly walking toward her, she licked her lips.

Her eyes were fixed on Lu Ye.

Her lips curled into a charming smile.

Pandora said, “So it’s you.”

Lu Ye smiled. “We’re not close. You’ve got the wrong person.”

Pandora did not seem angry. A hint of interest flashed across her exquisite makeup.

She said, “Yes, we may not have been close before, but if you’re willing to bring the map to my side, I’m willing to give you the chance to get to know me better.”

“Shameless woman. You’re still trying to seduce a man at this time!”The person who was cursing was Bai Changle.

As his brother-in-law, even if he had a gun pointed at his head, he was determined to help his sister keep an eye on the man!

This woman was too shameless. She actually dared to seduce his brother-in-law in front of him!

Pandora, whose face was originally gentle, immediately turned black when she heard Bai Changle’s cursing. Her charming smile froze on her face, making it extremely awkward.

Meanwhile, the comrades in the opposite row could not help but give their beloved comrade changle a thumbs up.

Brother, your life is still in his hands. Can’t you see that Ah Ye is trying his best to save you? Can’t you control your own mouth a little.

Pandora was so angry that she was about to stab the knife again. In any case, she did not want to kill this man, so she wanted to stab a few more holes into his body to vent her anger!

Lu Ye was also speechless at his brother-in-law’s behavior, but he also knew that Bai Changle was doing this to protect his face.

Although they were partners.

But comrade Bai Changle was also a Super sis-con.

Lu Ye immediately said, “If you make a move, I’ll immediately destroy the map!”

Sure enough, after listening to his words, Pandora’s hand stopped again.