2266 Chapter 2266 I want the map, what do you want?

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Pandora raised her head and looked at Lu Ye.

Lu Ye took the time to give Bai changle a look.

Bai Changle refused to accept it!

How could he not see that this black-hearted Angel was interested in Ye? Whether it was from the perspective of a partner, or from the perspective of his brother-in-law and brother-in-law, Bai Changle would not let ye die.

However, Bai Changle was also depressed.

Could it be that Ah Ye had not had the time to destroy the map? !

At this moment, a man suddenly appeared. That man quickly rushed to Pandora’s side and said, “Boss, don’t be fooled by this man. The box in his hand is empty. The map has long been burned by him! Look, this is Ash!”

Pandora looked down at the ash in her palm and kicked her subordinate angrily.

Then, she suddenly raised her head and glared at Lu Ye. “You tricked me!”

Lu Ye felt quite regretful.

Sigh, there was actually someone from the Black Angel who went to the place where he was hiding to check.

Lu Ye raised his head with a confident expression on his face. “I did burn the map. Do you know why I burned the map?”

He smiled and didn’t wait for anyone’s reaction. Instead, he said seriously, “Because I’ve memorized the map. Latitude, longitude, and even special marks.”

Pandora was still very suspicious.

However, the calm expression on the man’s face couldn’t be faked. Moreover, Pandora knew that there were many capable people in this world. Moss could even enter the spiritual world of others.

Therefore, it was very likely that this man in front of her said that he had a photographic memory.

Pandora’s mood fluctuated. For her to be able to reach her current position, it was not something that an ordinary woman could do.

She took a deep breath. The magnificent prospect fluctuated for a moment, but the men present, especially this man in front of her, did not give her a single glance.

Pandora stopped trying to seduce this man.

She said straightforwardly, “I want the map. What do you want?”

“Ye!”Bai Changle was stunned.

Los Angeles and the others were already thinking of countermeasures. They were calculating the odds of winning if they rushed over at this time.

However, no matter what method they used, there would definitely be casualties.

That was why Los Angeles and the others did not take any action. Instead, they just waited and waited.

However, they did not expect that ye would actually suggest that they exchange themselves for the safety of all their companions.

Or did ye have other plans?

Bai Changle’s eyes immediately turned red. “No!”

Pandora did not hesitate this time. She directly stabbed her blade at Bai Changle’s thigh once again. Moreover, it was at the same spot. She said ferociously, “Shut Up!”

The immense pain almost made Bai changle spasm. However, he still gritted his teeth and did not make a sound.

Lu Ye saw a desperate gamble in Bai Changle’s eyes!

Bai changle would rather die than let Lu Ye sacrifice himself. He did not want to become a burden to his companions!

When Lu Ye saw this, his eyes immediately turned red. He took out his knife and pointed it at his heart, “If you dare to move again, I’ll stab myself to death. Then, no one in this world will know where the treasure is!”

When Pandora heard this, she immediately panicked. She raised her head and looked at Lu Ye in surprise. “You’d rather die than save him? Why?”