2267 Chapter 2267, I command you

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“Either let them all go, or I’ll die, and you’ll kill him too. Then all of you will have to stay. Also, don’t wait for your reinforcements. Your reinforcements won’t be able to come.”

Lu Ye’s eyes were filled with ruthlessness. He said coldly, “I’m not patient. Don’t force me to say it again.”

Pandora suddenly realized that this man was serious.

He actually dared to kill her without batting an eyelid.

No, no, no, he can’t Die!

She must get that map!

Moreover, even if this man didn’t intend to tell the truth, she still had moss! At that time, she could ask moss to find a way to hypnotize this man so that she could get the map!

After all, the map had been destroyed, and this man was her last hope!

Thinking of this, Pandora was afraid that this man would do something that could not be undone. She immediately said, “I Promise You!”

Lu Ye heaved a sigh of relief.

No matter what, he was not injured at all. Even if he fell into the hands of the Black Angel, he could still find a chance to escape.

However, Bai Changle could not.

He was covered in injuries, not to mention that Xun Feng was not moving at all. He did not know how the situation was.

It was worth it to exchange him for the safety of two comrades!

Moreover, Lu Ye was not the kind of person who would wait for his death. He could definitely find a chance to escape!

Lu Ye raised his head. His sharp eyes flashed past his worried comrades.

He also hoped that his comrades would understand what he was doing.

Los Angeles and Mei Lang, who had fought with Lu Ye many times, instantly understood what Lu Ye was thinking. Objectively speaking, if they were in Lu Ye’s position, they would have made the same choice.

Even so, they still felt a little uncomfortable.

Ming nan looked over silently and clenched his fists tightly.

Ming bei was about to speak, but his brother pulled him back.

Ming nan shook his head.

They could rush up at this time, but if they did, Bai Changle and Xun Feng would definitely die.

Lu Ye’s method might have allowed him to be caught, but he still had a chance of survival.

It was just an instant. No matter what, even if there was no other way, they had to make the most accurate choice.

However, Bai Changle, who was in the middle of the needle, suddenly rushed towards Pandora’s knife. In that instant, his usually cheeky eyes flashed with determination!

Xiao Yan was still overseas on a dangerous mission!

How could this big brother of his allow Xiao Yan’s husband to sacrifice himself for him? !

Pandora immediately reacted. This man’s suicidal action had shocked her a little, but she still threw the knife out in time, causing Bai Changle to miss!

She said with a complicated expression, “Your relationship is really good.”

Although she didn’t want to admit it, Pandora knew that she was a little jealous.

Even though she had so many people under her now, if it really came to a life-or-death situation, very few people would be willing to trade their own lives for hers.

However, Pandora knew that she couldn’t do this kind of dedication to others. Other things were easy to talk about, but there was only one life. If she died, then there would be nothing left.

Therefore, Pandora did not understand the scene before her!

Lu Ye was worried that Bai Changle would do something stupid again, so he directly gave Bai Changle an order.

“I am the person in charge of this operation. You must listen to my orders! Now, stop your suicidal actions immediately until I leave this place with them!”