2268 Chapter 2268

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He couldn’t say his name.

And he couldn’t say Gu Yan’s name.

Therefore, Lu Ye’s order was given directly to Bai Changle.

A Star Warrior’s duty was to obey orders.

Lu Ye had no other choice. This was the last way.

The military order was like a mountain.

Bai Changle was completely stunned. He couldn’t feel the pain from the wounds on his body, and didn’t care that the blood kept flowing.

However, he felt that the corners of his eyes were slightly sore.

His heart was aching.

He understood Lu Ye’s intention better than anyone else.

But he also couldn’t accept Lu Ye’s choice better than anyone else.

In the end, Bai Changle fiercely punched the concrete ground. He didn’t stop for a moment, but instead, two times, three times..

He didn’t know how many times he punched. His hands were covered in blood, but Bai Changle still didn’t seem to feel any pain.

Lu Ye turned his head indifferently. His eyes were cold. “Let’s go?”

They could not keep the leader of the Black Angels, Pandora, alive today.

In that case, he could use this opportunity to directly enter the nest of the Black Angels!

A cold light flashed past Lu Ye’s eyes and quickly disappeared.

He, Lu Ye, was not that easy to tie up!

Pandora did not want to cause any more trouble. After releasing the two men, she had the remaining three confidants, two of whom tied Lu ye up, while the other turned on his communicator.

Not long after, a short-moored spaceship flew over shakily.

Naturally, it would not take the waterway. What if the man jumped off the ship!

Pandora had her confidant escort Lu ye onto the short-moored spaceship. Meanwhile, Los Angeles and the others immediately rushed towards Bai Changle and Xun Feng, who were covered in blood.

They moved the two of them to a safe place as fast as they could.

Bai Changle was like a cornered beast. He suddenly wanted to rush out, but he was suddenly hugged by Mei Lang!

Mei Lang said, “Ye is trying to take the opportunity to sneak into their inner circle! Don’t be rash. If anything happens, Ye’s plan will be in vain!”

Los Angeles nodded and said, “Regardless of whether ye remembers the map or not, for now, the Black Angel’s people will not harm him. We need to return to the base as soon as possible and coordinate with Ye to destroy the Black Angel’s base!”

How could these special Black Star troopers not have some special communication equipment on them.

With Wen Lan’s super technology, the equipment they wore couldn’t even be detected by infrared!

Bai Changle finally understood why his friends were so calm earlier.

He said with a bit of shame, “Actually, actually, I can work with you guys from the inside.”

“Your acting is not good.”This was the honest young man, Mei Lang.

“With your crippled appearance, you won’t be able to protect yourself.”These somewhat poisonous words were said by Luo Cheng.

“You can’t.”These were the words of the taciturn Ming Nan.

“That poisonous woman doesn’t believe that you can memorize that map.”These were the words of Ming bei.

Bai Changle:”…”

He turned his head and looked at his newly joined partner, Li Ruigang, with great anticipation.

Li Ruigang was focused on examining Xun Feng’s wound. Then, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Fortunately, this guy only fainted. After the bleeding stopped, the wound didn’t become inflamed. It shouldn’t be a big problem.”

“Oh, then we’d better send Xun Feng to the hospital as soon as possible.”

The other people shifted their attention over.

Alright, Xun Feng was indeed seriously injured. Everyone should send him to the hospital as soon as possible.

Bai changle turned to look at the dock and asked suspiciously, “Why isn’t that short-moored spaceship leaving yet?”