2269 Chapter 2269 Mephistopheles’Fury

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As soon as Bai Changle finished speaking, Los Angeles and the others turned their heads to look at the short-moored spaceship.

More than ten minutes ago, Pandora, that woman, had already brought Lu Ye and the rest of her subordinates onto the short-moored spaceship.

Logically speaking, they should have taken off long ago.

Could it be that something else had happened? !

Luo city immediately thought, “She must be waiting for someone! Maybe, she’s waiting for that hypnotist!”

When everyone heard this, they immediately understood. Pandora knew that Lu Ye would definitely not reveal the contents of the map so easily. Therefore, she had already planned to have that hypnotist Hypnotize Lu Ye so that he could reveal the map that he had memorized!

Bai Changle, who was covered in wounds, widened his eyes and said, “We can’t let that hypnotist leave this place!”

They were special Black Star Troopers, so they had a special training method for torture.

However, it was said that the hypnotist was very strange.

If ye was hypnotized and revealed the map of the treasure, then he would be in danger without a trump card!

Luo Cheng nodded and said to Mei Lang, “You stay here and look after Xun Feng and Changle. I’ll bring them to stop the hypnotist!”

Among the few people here, Mei Lang’s fighting strength was the weakest. After all, he had been injured previously.

As for Bai Changle and Xun Feng, they could not leave no one behind. It would be bad if the Black Angel still had some remaining followers.

Mei Lang immediately nodded.

Luo City brought the twins and Li Ruigang with them. They turned around and rushed towards the direction of the small team that had met the Black Angel.

When the four people from Luo City arrived, they were all dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

The ground was covered in blood.

The man with half of his face disguised as Gu Yan stood there quietly. His body was covered in blood. No one knew if it was his own or someone else’s.

There were dead people on the ground.

Miao Xiaoyu and Moloch were still alive. Both of them were also wounded, but they were not seriously injured.

Not to mention, with Moloch’s strange strength, the Black Angel’s men could not touch the two of them at all.

There was also Mephistopheles, who had suddenly gone crazy.

In short, this group of Black Angel’s men was very miserable. Now, apart from Moloch, who was sitting on the ground in a daze, only cherry blossom was left standing.

Cherry Blossom was also injured. She was in a sorry state. She no longer looked as gentle and sweet as before.

She was cursing Mephistopheles. “You’re Crazy! We don’t have any grudges against each other. Why did you do this? !”

Mephistopheles touched his face. A trace of blood spread from the corner of his mouth to his cheek.

He smiled evilly and said, “I just don’t like you guys.”

His words were quite arrogant. However, Miao Xiaoyu and the others knew that Mephistopheles was removing his makeup. When he was halfway through removing his makeup, cherry blossom and the others attacked him. It would be strange if Mephistopheles was happy.

However, cherry blossom didn’t understand.

In the end, she suddenly remembered something. Then, she turned around and said to Yin’s group of three, “Will you let me go if I hand this person over to you?”

In the face of life and death, everyone was selfish. Sakura did not think that her choice was wrong.

Moss’s face turned pale when he heard that. He turned around and glared at Sakura. “Pandora asked you to protect me with your life!”

“Now That You’re dead, there’s no need to protect me!”

This was what the four people of Luo City saw when they arrived.

Sakura and Moss were fighting.

However, for space pirates like them, their lives were more important in such a situation. Therefore, the situation was not surprising.

After seeing the NIAR Star Warriors, Cherry Blossom’s face turned completely black.

She had also predicted that the situation would not be good.

No matter what, she would not care about Moss, the burden!

Thinking of this, cherry blossom turned around and ran.