2270 Chapter 2270: Cherry Blossoms Falling

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Moss’leg was injured, and he couldn’t escape at all.

There were still six or seven people on the other side. If cherry blossoms wanted to escape, even if she conjured a pair of wings, it would be impossible..

However, cherry blossoms didn’t want to give up just like that. She was in a desperate struggle!

Meanwhile, Pandora was still waiting for Moss at the dock.

She didn’t believe that there were more than a dozen people in that squad. No matter how powerful the other party was, how could they kill more than a dozen people in an instant when their guns were out of bullets?

But Pandora waited for a long time, but Moss didn’t come.

The unease in her heart grew.

She had planned to bring moss here this time to make his hypnosis useful at the critical moment.

Who knew that it would turn out like this? !

Lu Ye, on the other hand, although he was caught, his expression was much better than Pandora’s. He said, “You’re not leaving. Are you planning to call for reinforcements to save me?”

Pandora narrowed her eyes. She looked at Lu Ye and suddenly smiled. “The more you say that, the more unlikely it is.”

“Why wouldn’t it be possible? At that time, I had no choice but to replace my companions with myself. After all, both of them were seriously injured. “Not long from now, the Empire’s spaceships might be able to be transferred over. At that time, we can directly shoot down the short-moored spaceships. TSK, maybe I’ll have a chance to escape. “After all, this is the ocean, isn’t it?”

Pandora looked at Lu Ye’s calm expression and knew that this man was ruthless. He might be telling the truth.

However, if she gave up on Moss, how was she going to get the map out of this man’s mouth!

At this moment, Pandora’s communication device rang. She was delighted and picked it up. It was cherry blossom’s voice.

Cherry blossom immediately said, “Big sister, where are you now? Come and save me!”

Pandora paused. Then, she didn’t answer cherry blossom’s question. Instead, she asked, “Where is Moss?”

“I’m asking you, where is Moss!”

Cherry Blossom felt a bucket of ice water fall from the sky, drenching her heart.

But she still couldn’t believe it.

Cherry Blossom said in a low voice, “Moss, moss is right beside me.”

“I’ll wait for you at the dock. I’ll only wait for ten minutes. If you can’t bring Moss back, then don’t come back either.”

Cherry Blossom widened her eyes in disbelief. She did not even know when the communication device had hung up.

It turned out that in Pandora’s heart, she was even worse than that hypnotist!

Just like that, she was given up..

Cherry Blossom was a wanted criminal on Planet Y. Now, her ending was either being killed by Yin or falling into the hands of the NIAR Star Warriors. They would definitely send her back to Planet Y.

Suddenly, a hint of viciousness flashed in Cherry Blossom’s eyes.

Pandora, don’t you care about Moss a lot?

Don’t you care about me at all?

Sakura was also a very ruthless person. She did not mind the wounds on her body one after another. In fact, the one who was chasing after her was still that lunatic, Yin.

Lunatic, she was really a lunatic!

There was no normal person in Yin. Why did she go to the Black Angel back then and offend Yin? !

But it was too late to say anything now. Either way, she would end up dead. That was why cherry blossom had come running back. She did not even care that Mephistopheles’knife had left a few more bloody marks on her body.

Her eyes were red as she rushed back.

The people in Los Angeles were a little stunned.

Even Miao Xiaoyu and Moloch were stunned. This woman was rushing back and forth. What was she trying to do?

Then, all of them knew the answer.

Because the cherry blossoms had already rushed to the front of the captured Moss.