2271 Chapter 2271, the battle continued!

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Moss was on his last breath, but he was still alive. The injuries on his body were not fatal.

He was tied up. He raised his head and looked at the woman named Sakura in surprise.

Looking at those ferocious eyes, moss did not think that she had come back to save him on purpose!

However, everything that happened in the next moment confirmed Moss’s guess!

Because cherry blossom did not care about Miao Xiaoyu who was standing next to her, nor did she care about Mephistopheles’knife behind her. The knife stabbed into her back. Cherry Blossom suddenly smiled. That smile was very sweet, and in the next moment.., she put a knife into Moss’s chest.

Moss did not know what to say. Or rather, he did not know that he would actually die at the hands of this woman!

“No!”Miao Xiaoyu cried out in shock!

Moss could not die! She still wanted Moss to go back and save brother Jue!

After killing Moss, cherry blossom did not fare much better. She closed her eyes and fell to the ground, breathing her last.

Los Angeles and the others watched this scene in a daze.

Mephistopheles, who had already killed his target, finally closed his eyes and fainted. Fortunately, Moloch was quick to catch him.

He didn’t know if Mephistopheles was bleeding from too many wounds, or if he was too tired.

In short, he had killed more than half of the corpses on the ground.

Miao Xiaoyu squatted there and quickly covered Moss’s bleeding heart with her hand.

Cherry Blossom had been an assassin before, so she knew where to stab him. It could instantly kill Moss.

Moss looked at Miao Xiaoyu and the corners of his mouth opened, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. His hands hung down dejectedly and he closed his eyes forever.

Moss sacrificed everything he had in exchange for a guest dying in a foreign land.

If he had to do it all over again, would he have made the same choice back then?

Perhaps. After all, people were always greedy. Back then, Pandora had used one-tenth of the treasure to tempt him, but Moss didn’t know that he hadn’t even touched a corner of the treasure..

The cherry blossoms were dead as well.

Miao Xiaoyu stared blankly at Moss’corpse, her heart filled with despair.

What about brother Jue? would brother Jue never wake up..

At this moment, the rumbling sound of a short moored spaceship rang out. Pandora’s patience had finally run out. Or rather, she was really worried that she would not be able to leave later.

Luo City raised his head and looked at the short moored spaceship as it slowly disappeared into the distance. On the surface of the sea, the huge sun finally rose slowly.

The Sky had brightened.

However, the battle continued!

Ye, you must protect yourself well!

Lu Ye, who was on the other side, narrowed his eyes slightly. However, he was still worried about Gu Yan.

According to the time, Yan Yan should be giving birth soon.

He clenched his fists slightly.

He hoped that everything would be over as soon as possible so that he could reunite with Yan Yan!

Mephistopheles had fainted because he was tired.

Miao Xiaoyu was also silent because she was in despair.

Finally, the Fat Moloch said to Luo city and the others, “Let’s go.”

Although the other party was also a member of the space pirates, he had not received any orders to attack Yin’s people at the moment.

Moreover, Gu Yan was still with them.

Besides, Yin’s men were really strange. They were good people, right? The way they killed without batting an eyelid just now was really scary.

However, calling them bad people was biased. After all, if the three of them weren’t there tonight, they might have let moss leave in the end.

Los Angeles recalled what Angel had told him about Yin.