2272 Chapter 2272: Poor Boss

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Both good and evil. Perhaps, he was talking about them.

Now, Ye had gone to the Black Angel’s lair alone.

Luo city sincerely hoped that Gu Yan would not be in any danger and everything would go smoothly.

It seemed that Gu Yan was about to give birth.

Luo City thought about it and decided to contact Angel when they returned..

Gu Yan didn’t know what had happened on Fara Island. She was drinking fruit juice and looking at the man opposite her. She smiled and said, “Why? Are you surprised that I’m here?”

Jonathon was stunned for a moment, then he shook his head and said, “No, no, no, I’m not surprised at all. It’s just that I’ve always been curious about you.”

“I heard that Lilith was the one who forced you to join Yin, right?”

Gu Yan nodded. “She told me that Yin is very interesting. If I find it boring then I can leave. I had nowhere else to go at that time, so I came.”

Jonathon was stunned.

He was the person with the best temper in Yin. After all, people like Beirut seemed to have a good temper on the surface, but it was only for the sake of his image in real life.

Jonathan was a technology fanatic. He and his brother, Hawkeye, both had a passion for technology.

Therefore, the two brothers had been tinkering with a lot of things over the years.

However, Sky Eye had specially found a team of people from Lucifer and himself to support Jonathan’s new research.

Hawkeye was not aware of this.

However, when Hawkeye was still around, a lot of information was very well-informed. It was also because Hawkeye had a surveillance system that was very effective, but it could not be compared to heavenly eye.

Gu Yan’s remaining task now was to obtain the core code of Heavenly Eye.

She did not have much time left.

Lucifer had brought people to besiege Pandora’s lair. When Lucifer returned, he would not give Gu Yan any chance to leave.

Gu Yan gently touched her belly.

Although it was risky, this was her only chance.

After getting the core code, she would leave and find a safe place to give birth to the three children.

Seeing Gu Yan touching her belly, Jonah’s eyes became gentle. He said, “You are also amazing. You are already so pregnant and you are still running around in the snow.”

“Miao Xiaoyu and the others are not here. I am really bored. All I can see is Cang Lan’s expressionless face.”

Standing by the window, Cang Lan looked at the scenery outside without changing his expression.

He was already used to Gu Yan’s complaints.

Jonathan was still thinking about the matter with Lucifer. He said, “Unfortunately, I still have things to do and can not stay with you for too long. You can let Cang Lan and Mrs. Beirut accompany you and walk around.”

Because of Lucifer, Jonathan was very polite to Gu Yan.

It could be said that everyone in yin knew what their boss was thinking about him. They also knew that their boss was willing to take a step back and become his older brother.

Gu Yan nodded and said casually, “I’m just bored. I’m just walking around. I’ll be leaving soon. You can do whatever you want.”

After Jonah Xin turned around and left.

Gu Yan sat quietly for a while.

This was Jonah Xin’s private research room. It was connected to his villa. At first glance, it looked like an ordinary luxurious villa. However, Gu Yan had found out from her previous investigation that this place was actually a different world.

Next, she was going to take action.

Before she took action, she still had to deal with her two tails.