2273 Chapter 2273 Baby, we have to move out now

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Apart from Cang Lan, there was also Mrs. Beirut, who was now inseparable from Gu Yan.

Gu Yan did not want to hurt these two people, but what she had to do next was to get rid of these two people.

First, it was Mrs. Beirut.

This woman was tall and big, but she was especially gentle. Although she was not young, she had the innocence of a little girl.

It had to do with the environment she grew up in.

It also had to do with Beirut’s care and love for his wife for so many years.

It had to be said that although Beirut had never told his wife about what he did in private, it was for her own good.

Sometimes, not knowing anything was the happiest.

Seeing that Gu Yan had been silent for a long time, Beirut asked gently, “Gu, what’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

“Yes, my stomach is a little uncomfortable.”Gu Yan gently touched her lower abdomen.

She was not lying. No matter how good her physical condition was, it would be a little tiring for her to have such a big stomach for a long time.

Gu Yan was considered to be fine. Some pregnant women would even feel uneasy in the later stages of pregnancy. They would feel uncomfortable in any position.

It was not an easy task to carry the child for ten months.

And after carrying the child for ten months, it was not an easy task to protect, care, educate, and so on.

But that was a matter for the future.

In order to give the children a good environment, Gu Yan had to complete this last task.

She rubbed the space between her brows and was thinking of how to send Mrs. Beirut away when she heard Mrs. Beirut’s phone suddenly ring. Mrs. Beirut looked at Gu Yan apologetically, then stood up to pick up the phone.

“What? Okay, I’ll be there right away.”

Mrs. Beirut put down the phone and said to Gu Yan worriedly, “Gu, I’m really sorry. When my Lucy was playing on the swing, she fell down from above. She said that her head was broken and she was bleeding a lot. I have to go to the hospital as soon as possible.”

When Gu Yan heard that it was a child’s matter, she immediately said, “Then go quickly. Oh right, let Cang Lan Drive you there. It’s not easy to take a taxi here.”

In fact, Jonah’s new villa was very far from the city center, and even further from the hospital in the district where Mrs. Beirut’s parents were.

For a moment, it was really difficult to get a taxi.

Mrs. Beirut herself did not know how to drive.

But after she heard it, she was a little hesitant. “How can I? Mr. Cang Lan has to stay and protect you.”

Cang Lan looked over.

He did not want to leave either.

After all, Gu Yan was pregnant. Seeing her walk was terrifying. How could he leave.

Gu Yan smiled and said, “Hey, don’t worry too much. I’m already so old. What could happen to me. “Besides, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll just wait here at Jonaxin’s place. “Cang Lan, take Mrs. Beirut to the hospital and then come back. It Won’t take more than an hour and a half.”

Beirut followed Lucifer out and wasn’t there right now. He couldn’t come back in time and only left Mrs. Beirut worried. Gu Yan felt bad about it.

If Mrs. Beirut hadn’t come over to take care of her, the child wouldn’t have to go to Mrs. Beirut’s parents and the child wouldn’t have been in trouble.

Cang Lan thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay, drive carefully.”

Mrs. Beirut thanked Gu Yan again, then picked up her handbag and left in a hurry.

Gu Yan stood there quietly, watching the backs of the two people getting further and further away from the window.

She moved her wrist slightly and said softly, “Baby, we have to move now.”