Chapter 1404: Preparation For The Final Fight

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Chapter 1404: Preparation For The Final Fight

The Night Elves went into overdrive searching for the Lifestream Energy Bomb despite the ongoing war that was happening despite the entire incident. Moloch was handling the situation well enough that Jin felt reassured that he was able to move into the Undercity without worrying.

“Don’t you worry kid. While I might not look like it, I do have some experience under my belt. It’s just that your way of doing war is a tad unconventional but after watching and reviewing your actions, I now know what needs to be done.” Moloch said as he sent the information of what he did for the past few hours.

Jin took a quick look within the Dungeon Maker and noticed that the Demon Rats were not relenting despite the loss of their Research unit. Kraft did make it look like they had stolen some properties from the research facility and then burned the entire place down. He even purposely got several of the Dark Elves to throw a few of the dead ‘assassin’ researchers near the entrance of the burnt down research facility to look as if it was pillage and arson.

This would allow the Mage General to not know that the distress signal called by the assassins was not due to betrayal but rather a sign of help against the humans and their fellow monster allies.

But they got to make it foolproof to make sure that the Mage General would not suspect a thing about their intention to get the Lifestream Energy Bomb. Thus, a few Night Foxes were purposely seen putting up an elaborate act that they were taking the injured Birth Mothers in the event that there were still soldiers and mages monitoring the situation. With such a ploy by the Night Foxes, the rest of the Demon Rat Researchers and Jin would not have to worry the Mage General’s having suspicions about them knowing the Lifestream Energy Bomb… Or at the very least lowering the chance of it.

The most important thing was to deceive their higher ups to make them think that the humans were only here in the research facilities for the Birth Mothers and nothing else of note. This was because if the Researchers were dead, Prideblood would know that the humans would not have access to the information with regards to their most exquisite and destructive weapon in their hands.

“However, can I give you some advice?” Moloch asked his master for the permission to speak, which Jin gave it freely.

“I believe it is now time to cut the heads off the snake’s body. We have reached the City’s centre and all the forces that we are seeing now are trained soldiers like the ones we had fought protecting Wecha Town.”

“The rank and file Demon Rats are currently dispatched to the flanks and fighting against the zombies but the main bulk of their veterans are concentrating their firepower in that particular area. I will not be surprised to see a few recurring characters like Skydigger, the Pickaxe General who ran away from the Pandarens.”

“I thought he would be dead with all that damage done to him.”

“Even if he does die, do not be surprised if you see someone claiming to be Skydigger.” Transquick who teleported in, wanting to give Jin the possible hiding locations where the Lifestream Energy Bomb would be. “There are permanent unique general positions in the Demon Rat military and there are disposable ones. Skydigger is one of the names bestowed to the Demon Rat that was able to transcend their combat skills and proved to be deadly with a pickaxe.”

“Most of the elites are just waiting for the General to die out from combat to take the seat. And yes, there is a queue for that title because everyone knows the privilege of being a General.”

“So, I guess we should aim for the permanent positions?” Jin took a quick glance at the possible locations on a bloodied map of the Undercity and passed it to the System to upload so the Night Foxes knew where to go.

“Yes, Gnawbones was fortunately one of them as he was the few who partook a decent amount of lifestream energy, the other three who also took in the energies were Roughscream, Prideblood and Cinderclaw. Particularly the last one is now seated as the King and Overseer of the entire Demon Rat race. Defeat him and you might have some control of the situation.” Transquick was quick enough to understand that Jin wanted the war to finish as soon as within his seven days. Now that he was inundated into the System, and the promises of technological research after the war had spurred Transquick to reveal even more information to ensure that Jin reached his goal.

“Then I guess I better head to the High Command as soon as possible. Peppers and Pei. We have some hunting to do.” Jin called out the names of his mage bellator and his guardian ‘fox’ to the Dungeon Maker instance.

“Heh, the System told me all about it. Let’s see who really deserves the title of Mage General.” Peppers said as she unveiled under her cape, a combat vest filled with crystalised tubes that were supposedly used to control her mana consumption.

“I am the one who should be surprised that you decided to call me. I thought you would call the Orcs to fight against this…Club General. Wait, are you implying that I fight like a brute?” Pei, the Pink Fox unveiled her human form and took out her katana with the intent to stab Jin.

“No! No! I was merely thinking that you fight with the most elegance despite your cold hard strikes within my army. And also, don’t you think you should be thanking me instead?” Jin knew that the rest of the Foxes were hard at work recreating Demonpolis and that they were dying from administrative paperwork.

“You have a valid point. The rest would be jealous if they knew that I went out to play.” Pei retracted her sword and Jin was relieved that she could still listen to reason.

“See? The privileges of being guardian once for the User.” Jin chuckled but Pei knocked his head.

“I still am, just that I know that you are within the System’s premise and the sole reason why I did not make a move.” Pei argued with her hands crossed.

“And if you are going for a big battle then all the more you all should feast first before going in.” Lynn suddenly popped into the Dungeon Maker instance which Jin presumed that the System had told her everything about.

“Thank you Lynn.” He said as the dungeon supplier told the two of them to have some food to gain some buffs before entering for the ‘final’ fight.