Chapter 882: AS YOU SHOULD

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Chapter 882: AS YOU SHOULD

LUO JIN raised both of his guns and fired shots at the monster in front of him. The monster roared and attacked him back. Thorny blades appeared and flew straight to Luo Jin. He managed to easily dodged all of it.

He had fought with this monster a couple of times now so he had already memorized its attack pattern. That’s why it didn’t take that long for him to defeat the monster.

After the monster turned into light particles, a tunnel-like passageway appeared behind it. Luo Jin walked towards that. The tunnel was pretty dark but because of his familiarity with it, he easily managed to walk through it.

People could only passed by this tunnel if they defeat the monster guarding the entrance. It was the same monster that he fought earlier. It’s respawn time was quite short, just enough time for the person who defeated it to go through the entrance of the tunnel.

The monster doesn’t drop items. The only advantage of defeating it was being able to go through this tunnel. That’s why not many players go here just to fight with the monster that wouldn’t give them obvious benefits.

Su Yuqi was the one who introduced him to this place. And since then, whenever he wanted to think and just be alone, he would go here.

Soon, Luo Jin reached the end of the tunnel.

He passed through it and what welcomed him was a cliff filled with blooming wildflowers. He sat down at the edge of the cliff and stared at the starry sky above. He took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of flowers around him. This usually calmed him down, but right now, the anger in his heart still couldn’t be quelled.

The announcement that Shen Ji Yun and Luo Yan made earlier was still echoing in his mind. He felt like something exploded in his chest at that moment. And that fire was still burning in his heart.

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He knew that he shouldn’t be feeling this way. He should have congratulated the two. After all, his brother had made it clear long before how much he liked Shen Ji Yun. Them being together should be considered a ‘good thing’. But he just couldn’t.

It’s immature, yes. But it’s not like he could control what he felt.

He closed his eyes tightly and spit out a curse. Luo Yan would definitely try to talk to him later after they logged out of the game. He would probably try to make him understand his relationship with Shen Ji Yun. Maybe he would even talk with their older brother alongside him.

Luo Jin seriously didn’t know how he should react if Luo Yan initiated that talk. He was sure that he would be persuaded to agree. And he didn’t want that. So, where did that leave him?

He was still immersed in his thoughts when he heard footsteps from behind. His first thought was that it was Su Yuqi. So, he turned around, expecting to see the other. But what he saw was the last person he expected to see.

His brows immediately furrowed. “What are you doing here?”

“To talk,” Shen Ji Yun answered.

Luo Jin turned back. “We have nothing to talk about.”

His voice came out even harsher that he intended to. Not only because of that announcement the other made but also because he felt like Shen Ji Yun was intruding in the place that was supposed to be for him and Su Yuqi.

Shen Ji Yun didn’t mind Luo Jin’s attitude. He actually expected something worse. At least the other was being civil enough.

“We do though. But it’s alright if you don’t want to speak, you can just listen,” he said, walking towards the other and standing beside where he’s sitting. “I know you’re angry because of my relationship with Yan Yan. I can say all kinds of promises right now that could perhaps alleviate your worry. But that would probably be just lip service to you.”

Luo Jin didn’t speak. He just looked ahead, pretending that Shen Ji Yun wasn’t there.

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Shen Ji Yun wasn’t really expecting a response, so he continued;

“So, I will only say one thing. I love him. I love your brother. I love Yan Yan. You may question my intentions, you may even be angry at me. And that’s fine. It’s totally understandable. I will accept any curse you may throw at me. I won’t even dodge if you want to give me a punch or two. The only thing unacceptable for me is if you question my feelings for Yan Yan.

“Because my feelings for him are genuine. I will prove to you and to everyone else by action instead of by words just how much I love him. You probably don’t believe me now. But after five, ten years, you will have no choice but to acknowledge my love for your brother.

“So, I only hope that you can give me a chance to do that. Please.”

Shen Ji Yun did not say anything after that. Because he had already said everything that he wanted to say. Now, he could only wait for Luo Jin’s respond.

Luo Jin bit his lip. He didn’t like the silence that followed. It’s like this guy was prompting him to answer. But what he disliked even more was the fact that he was moved by the things Shen Ji Yun said.

Because he could feel the other’s sincerity. It’s probably because Shen Ji Yun’s voice was layered with so much emotion as he was saying those words. The contrast was even more prominent because of the other’s usual cold and emotionless tone.

Luo Jin tsked. Even the anger he felt at the start had already subsided. What was even the point of him being stubborn at this moment? He took a deep breath and released a long sigh before standing up and glancing at Shen Ji Yun.

“If you ever make Yan cry, I will end you.”

Shen Ji Yun smiled inwardly hearing that. Because that was almost the same as the other approving of his relationship with Luo Yan.

He looked at Luo Jin and said, “As you should.”