Chapter 1070 A Cry For Help

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I was forcefully ejected back to the original Universe before I could even get to slap her… How vexing!!

I sat up and everyone else was watching me, waiting for the news.

The first thing I did was to look at Elaria's machine to see the percentages, only to find that the screen still showed no indication of the final percentages despite it being the final Universe.

"She got Master for that Universe…" I said with finality.

Those words cause a wave of disappointment to spread across the courtyard.

All of us knew it was the last Universe but we weren't sure if we were ahead of the stalker bitch in progress or were we tied neck to neck with that Universe being the final tipping point.

If we had enough of a lead, then even if we lost that Universe it would have still been our win.

Nevertheless, the only way to find out right now was to go to Master's side, His real body still laying inside His room.

With deliberately slow and unsteady steps, the group of us made our way to Master's room, hoping against all hope that Master would be sitting up in bed and telling us that we had managed to save Him.

Throwing open the door, all of us rushed into the room to check on Master, only to see the bed was empty.

Did Master already go out somewhere? Did he go out to find us? Or maybe he appeared somewhere else?

Please, please, please don't let it be that the bitch actually won against us?!

I could already feel my heart drop to my feet, "Did we really… Lose?"

Manami went up to the bed and gasped, her tail sweeping onto the bed to pick up what appeared to be an envelope that was left on the pillow.

She tore it open desperately and flipped open the paper inside so quickly that a part of it actually got torn off.

p The rest of us gathered behind to read the letter's contents over her shoulder while she held the torn letter together as best as she

"Tha… 'Thank you for everything.'" She read aloud the only words that were on the paper.

No… This… This can't be! This simply cannot be!! How could we have lost to her?! We were doing so well!!

I swear!! I will find a way to End her!! Give us back our Master you stupid thieving bitch!

Yes… Yes! I know! We'll use her plans against her! We already know what she had done to get Master to change into that inferior version of Himself! Then all we have to do is do the same thing and we will get our Master back!

I looked around and it seemed like my sisters had also come to the same conclusion when I saw the same look in their eyes.

That's right… She needed several millennia to even make her plan bear fruit, with all of us working together, I'm confident it wouldn't even take that long before we restored Master back to His perfect self!

We just need for everyone else to ascend and we'll--

"Hold on a bit, sisters…"

All of us swivelled back to see Brendan looking at the letter with a critical eye.

"I do not think that the other side has won yet…"

Manami tilted her head at him, "Ara? Whatever do you mean, Brendan?"

He gestured to the letter, "Think about it, if Master really became that emotionless person he was before… Would Master even leave a letter like this? I'd think He would have just left without saying anything, much less spend the time writing a note like this to be left here."

Oh… Now that he mentioned it… That's actually quite true.

I guess everyone here was too wound up to even think about it rationally, especially since this would decide our fate with Master too.

Eris furrowed her brows, "Then that means…"

"That bitch planted it!!" Bait finished.

"And most likely taken Master's real body from under our noses as well!" Diao Chan weeped.

"Does that mean Master is fine? Did we actually win against her?!" I asked.

"Ufufufu~ You would like that, wouldn't you? I apologise but you would need to be disappointed~"

We turned to face the voice that had suddenly appeared behind us, all of us scowling in unison when we saw the stalker bitch standing there with a self satisfied smile plastered on her face.

Obviously the first thing all of us would do in this situation was attack her, my own hand swinging through the air in an attempt to slap her.

And just like the little bitch she was, she stopped all of us from moving and Ended all our attacks without even blinking.

I opened my mouth to scream some profanities at her but that ability was also taken away by this bitch.

"Fufufu~ I am only here to tell all of you that you should just give up since Master has already returned to His perfect self. There is no need to try and return Master back to that imperfect version of Him anymore~ Just let Master go. Yes… Just give up, there's no need to try."

The only thing I could do was to glare at the bitch with all the hate I could muster.

She smiled at me, "I know what you are planning to do. Do you really think I would allow you to try and change Master again? If you even think of trying it… Ufufufu~ I will stop you with everything I have~ Now, do enjoy the rest of your existence~ Perhaps in another few millennia or so, Master might change His mind again so you still have a chance~"

The bitch let out a giggle before turning back around, presumably to leave us and go and have her fun with Master.

I'm sure all of us were cursing her in our minds when she suddenly stopped moving and the air around her got really solemn all of a sudden.

We were quite confused when she simply stood there for a few seconds, her head hung low.

She then turned back around without warning and we were understandably startled to see that the smile on her face had disappeared completely to be replaced with a look of pure, utter sorrow.

This… I think this was the first time that we even saw her express any emotion outside of her usual smugness.

She looked straight at us and while fighting back tears, crying out, "Please… Help me…"