Chapter 1073 And To The Centre We Hop

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My sisters were of the same thought as I was, there was no way we were trusting this bitch with Master's fate, especially considering what she has done so far.

Bait crossed her arms angrily, "What's so special about that place that only you can go in there aside from Master, huh? Is this another ploy of yours to get Master to turn into your ideal form again?! It is, isn't it?"

The white haired bitch turned away, "I… I don't know…"

"What do you mean you don't know?" I growled, going up to stand right in front of her. "The bitch who was always sure of herself and doing all sorts of things behind Master's back is now unsure of herself? Like we'll believe such nonsense!"

The bitch lifted her head to look at me, "If I were to return Master to His past self, would he love me like He had loved you? No. If I were to change Master back to your version of Him, would he also love me like He loved you? That is also a no. What do I do then?"

"Ara, ara? Perhaps just return Master back to our ideal form and go off somewhere else and never disturb us again?" Manami suggested.

Kiyomi nodded beside her, "Why are you acting like you're the victim now? If you had just approached Master without all of your tricks, you could have just become one of us."

Her brows furrowed, "I could just End you all right now…"

Tsuki rolled her eyes, "Oh yeah, great idea. You already said that Master is going to destroy this Universe with or without us already so what difference does it make? You might want to use your stupid head to think before making another threat again."

She lowered her head since she had nothing to say to refute that.

Lian Li sighed, "Let's focus on the important thing now… What are we going to do about Master? Is it really true that no one else is able to reach the centre of the Universe?"

The bitch nodded, "That space is where Master made the Universe and where the Origin of all things are. If someone like you were to go there, you will be essentially returning to your Origin. Do you know what that means?"

"We'll cease to exist," Brendan answered seriously.

All of us turned to look at the alchemist who was also looking at each of us with serious eyes.

Since he was the one with the most experience with Origin amongst us, it must be true then.

Elaria gritted her teeth, "Grrr… So what? You already told us Onii-sama wouldn't acknowledge you anyway so what do you plan to do when you go there? Are you going to force yourself on Onii-sama to get your way?"

She chose not to answer which only served to make us even more wary of her.

Lilith cleared her throat to get our attention, "If I may… Perhaps I could suggest that we lure Daddy out from there so that we can all see him?"

"How do we even do that?" I asked.

That bitch suddenly looked up to the sky, "It's possible… We don't need to even lure Master out. I can just pick Master up and bring Him outside."

All of us just stared at her for saying something so ridiculous sounding.

She turned her gaze back to us, "Master is still looking around the Universe so His attention is elsewhere at the moment. I should be able to move His physical body out from there without Him noticing it until He is out of the place. But that also means that whatever we plan to do will only-- Eh? What is… What's going on?"

I was about to ask what she was talking about when I felt it too.

It was very subtle. So subtle that I almost did not realise it was happening until now.

Our bodies seem to be shifting towards the side in small increments despite us standing still, like how I noticed that I had slid a few centimetres to the right ever since I started standing still.

It was not only limited to me as my other sisters and even the bitch were also experiencing this as well, but the servants and Lilith herself do not seem to be affected for some reason.

Which begs the question of why this was happening in the first place?

"The direction we're moving towards… Is that to the centre of the Universe?" Lian Li asked.

The bitch contemplated for a moment before nodding, "It is… And I do believe this has something to do with Master…"

Tsuki brightened up, "Oh! Do you think Aniue is calling out to us? Meaning we could go over there?!"

As soon as those words left her lips, a tear in space opened up without any warning and the speed of us sliding to the side increased to a noticeable pace. It was still something that we could resist against so none of us were panicking yet.

All of us eyed the rift that was hovering slightly above the ground with mixed expressions.

I am willing to bet my entire stash of Master's underwear that this rift leads directly to the centre of the Universe. The real question is do we jump in?

"I'm jumping in!" Lian Li declared before leaping straight towards it without hesitation.

"Ara? Then I shall go as well~"

Since my sisters already said they were going, how could I hesitate?

All of us quickly followed behind our golden haired sister. If we don't do anything, the Universe was going to End with us in it anyway so there's nothing left for us to lose!

The moment we went through the rift, we found ourselves inside a white expanse where the whiteness stretched further than the eye could see.

It was especially disconcerting considering the fact that there weren't any shadows around us either and though we could feel solid ground beneath our feet, it looked like everyone was floating in the air.

And there, a short distance away from us, was Master…

Or rather, two Masters who were engaged in what looked like a staring competition.

"The Universe has to End. It is imperfect, we should just recreate it anew."

"It is in its imperfection that it is perfect, we do not need to create a new one just because of this."

"So are we. Do we need to recreate ourselves too?"

Master is… Arguing with Himself?

Just what is going on?!